NEH Grant Awards and Offers, August 2019

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NEH Announces $29 Million for 215 Humanities Projects Nationwide

Grant awards for humanities research, education programs, cultural preservation, films, exhibitions, and virtual reality projects augmented by $48 million in funding for state humanities councils

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Here are the DC grants:

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (9) $1,979,661 Washington

American Historical Association Outright: $208,093 [Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Research)] Project Director: Dana Schaffer Project Title: History, the Past and Public Culture: An Exploratory Survey Project Description: A cooperative agreement between the American Historical Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities to survey Americans about their perceptions of, and engagement with, history and the past.

Association of American Medical Colleges Outright: $392,928 [Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Education)] Project Director: Alison Whelan Project Title: The Fundamental Role of the Humanities and Arts in Medical Education Project Description: The planning for and creation of a monograph, curricular and evaluative resources, and faculty professional development opportunities for integrating the humanities and arts into education in the medical professions.

Elise Friedland Outright: $50,000 [Public Scholar Program] George Washington University Project Title: Classical Washington: Greece and Rome in the Art and Architecture of D.C. Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book explaining the influence of classical Greek and Roman art and architecture on the urban plan, government buildings, and public art of Washington, D.C.

Folger Shakespeare Library Outright: $185,000 [Institutes for School Teachers] Project Director: Peggy O’Brien Project Title: Shakespeare and the Making of America Project Description: A three-week institute for 25 K-12 educators on Shakespeare and early American history.


George Washington University Outright: $299,310 [Scholarly Editions and Translations] Project Director: Christopher Brick Project Title: The Papers of Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962) Project Description: Preparation for print and digital publications of volumes Two through Five of the papers of Eleanor Roosevelt (1884–1962) and continued work on a digital archive of her radio and television broadcasts.

Linguistic Society of America Outright: $199,330 [Media Projects Production] Project Director: Alyson Reed Project Title: Language and Linguistics Podcast (Successor to “World in Words”) Project Description: Production of twenty original episodes of a podcast on language, Subtitle, and additional related programming.

National Trust for Historic Preservation Match: $500,000 [Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Challenge Grants)] Project Director: Brent Leggs Project Title: HBCU Cultural Heritage Stewardship Program Project Description: A cooperative agreement to establish a cultural heritage stewardship program for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) that would provide funding and technical assistance for the development of two campus-wide plans and up to six single-structure plans for historic preservation of these buildings and sites. A convening of participants and a national discussion of project results would be presented at the annual conference of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Stone Soup Productions, Inc. Outright: $100,000 [Digital Humanities Advancement Grants] Project Director: Andrea Kalin Project Title: Project Maestro Project Description: The further development of a platform for middle and high school humanities teachers to incorporate content-based games into their classrooms.

Theresa Runstedtler Outright: $45,000 [Public Scholar Program] American University Project Title: Black Ball: Rethinking the “Dark Ages” of Professional Basketball Project Description: Research and writing leading to a book for a popular audience on the history of race, labor, and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the 1970s.