Historic Landmark nominations received and filed for hearing

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Greetings:   The DC Historic Preservation Office recently received and filed for hearing the following historic landmark nominations:

 19-07   The Barry Farm Dwellings   Square 5865, Lots 423, 249, 254, 963-965, 968-973 and 977; and Square 5866, Lots 130, 133-136, 141-144, 147-150, 152 and 831-835;  also known as: 1100-1371 Stevens Road, 2677-2687 Wade Road, and 2652 Firth Sterling Avenue SE    ANC 8C

  • Nominated by Barry Farms Tennant Association


19-08   The Sadler Homestead   7529 Morningside Drive, NW    ANC 4A

  • Nominated by the owner

Public hearings for nominations are scheduled by the Historic Preservation Review Board on Thursday, June 27, 2019 under the authority of the Historic Landmark and Historic District Protection Act of 1978.   These nominations are currently  posted on the HPO website at: 








Bruce Yarnall • Historic Preservation Operations Manager

DC Office of Planning

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