This Place Has A Voice - September 20, 2014

Matthew Gilmore's picture

This Place Has A Voice is the juxtaposed visions of nearly two-dozen artists and the participation of local residents, workers and visitors exploring the history and people around Canal Park in near-Southeast DC. The dialogue between the artists’ visions and the community voices, both past and present, produces photographs, videos, oral histories, drawings, installations and performances augmented by research from local historian Mara Cherkasky.

This Place Has A Voice started as two independent six-month pilot phase experiments in public art: The Cube@Canal Park (October 2012) and the Capitol Hill Alphabet Animal Art Project (July 2013). Under the direction of Bruce McKaig, the two projects were united into a bundle of local activities, a union in part facilitated by support from the Humanities Council of DC (November 2013) to both conceptually and structurally unite the artistic and historic activities. 
Participating artists include Dawn Whitmore, Kent Gay, Ira Tattleman, Chaya Shapiro, Janelle Fernandez, Aaron Goggans, Ward Tietz, Magus Magnus, Jon Lee, Bruce McKaig, Charles Bergman, John Yanson, Undine Brod, Novie Trump, Breon Gilleran, Beth Baldwin, Davide Prete, Carolina Mayorga, Evan Reed, Susan Champeny.

Event Day, Saturday, September 20, 2104: a presentation on the history of the neighborhood by local historian Mara Cherkasky, a guided tour of the area by historian and tour guide Robert Pohl, and interactive performance/installation works in Canal Park in the early evening followed by a final round of A/V projections until midnight. Event Day is sponsored by the Canal ParkDevelopment Association, with additional hosting by the Arthur Capper Senior Center.