Raze applications received by HPO - July 11, 2014 notice

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Raze permit applications recently submitted to the Historic Preservation Office for an administrative clearance are filed on the HPO website at the following abbreviated URL:     http://tinyurl.com/3erfa7y under "Related Documents".       HPO provides this general public announcement because of the frequent neighborhood interest in raze applications.

 Addresses included in this report:

3038 Stanton Road SE  (ANC 8B) –  dwelling

418-420 New Jersey Avenue SE (ANC 6B) – dwelling (Capitol Hill Historic District – non-contributing structure approved by HPRB 05/30/2013) 

3101 Wisconsin Avenue NW (ANC 3C) – pool house and pool (Washington Cathedral & Close Historic District)

1356 Valley Place SE (ANC 8A) – garage (Anacostia Historic District)

3915 Fulton Street NW – dwelling (ANC3B)

3919 Fulton Street NW – dwelling and garage (ANC 3B)


HPO is one of a group of agencies and private utilities that clear raze applications before permits are issued. The HPO clearance of a raze application indicates either that the property is not subject to the historic preservation law, or that the demolition has been approved through the process provided in the preservation law.


HPO endeavors to maintain fair, efficient, and prompt processing of these applications. We routinely clear raze applications that do not involve historic preservation issues. If a raze application may involve a matter of significance to neighborhood planning and development, we may hold the application until the expiration of the official notice period that DCRA is required to give to the affected Advisory Neighborhood Commission.


Anyone interested in the status of the HPO clearance of a raze application may contact us by email at historic.preservation@dc.gov  Information regarding raze permits is accessible on the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs website at http://dcra.dc.gov/service/permits-raze-permit    or call (202) 442-4400 for information on a specific raze application.


Bruce Yarnall

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