Fort Reno: What We Don't Know - Neil Flanagan March 15, 2018

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Fort Reno: What We Don't Know - Neil Flanagan
Fort Reno Park and Alice Deal Middle School stand where they do because until the 1920s, Reno was a healthy mixed race community, a rural remnant that threatened wealthy whites who envisioned new, exclusively white neighborhoods.

At this event sponsored by Historic Chevy Chase DC and the Tenleytown Historical Society, I will present the story of the Reno community by looking at how our understanding of the place has changed. Some parts of the history were deliberately hidden when it was cleared by the Federal Government. Others went unnoticed because they involved the wrong people. Sometimes, it was just hard to find the right records.

Following my presentation, Carl Lankowski of Historic Chevy Chase DC, Carolyn Long of the Tenleytown Historical Society and L. Paige Whitley, who has published on the River Road community in Bethesda will join me to discuss the larger context.

There will be an opportunity to view Tenleytown Historical Society’s exhibit on the history of Reno and the Reno School.

The in addition to new material, the presentation will cover my article in the City Paper from last year:

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Image courtesy the National Park Service