ISO New Board Members: Maryland Museums Association

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The Maryland Museums Association is a volunteer-managed alliance of institutions that collect, hold, interpret, and protect the material and cultural heritage of the Old Line State. We advocate for state museum funding, equity in the profession, and authentic interpretation of our shared histories in service of increased cultural understanding.

Maryland Museums Association is helping coordinate a statewide advocacy initiative to reinstate the State's Museum Assistance Program to provide state funding to Maryland museums when we need it most. 

The Museum Assistance Program served the state’s 200+ historical and cultural museums by providing grants, technical assistance, and networking opportunities from 1999 until 2011 – with the funding stopped. In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly required a report by the Maryland Historical Trust regarding museum and preservation funding. The #1 recommendation of that report was to bring back the Museum Assistance Program.

Now is the time to make it happen! Our museums, cultural centers, venues, and historic sites have been hard-hit by COVID – with operating and project funding needs unmet. We need new and energetic board members to lead this effort!

MMA is seeking up to ten new board members for a three-year term. You need not have advocacy experience and there is no financial obligation. If you would like to join and help coordinate this effort, please submit a Board Member Application Form. If you are not able to serve on the board, please consider a donation to MMA as an individual or on behalf of your organization, and of course, share this call for Board Members with your networks. 

For any questions or comments, please contact