HPRB ACTIONS - July 28, 2022

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Greetings:    HPRB ACTIONS and staff report documents  related to cases heard on  July 28 are accessible on our website.   Video of the meeting is accessible at the following link.




JULY 28, 2022


The Historic Preservation Review Board met and considered the following items on this date. Present for the meeting were: Marnique Heath, Chair; Andrew Aurbach, Linda Greene, Outerbridge Horsey, Alexandra Jones,  Sandra Jowers-Barber and Gretchen Pfaehler, Carisa Stanley Beatty. Absent:

Matt Bell. 






National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children, 733 Euclid Street NW, 22-09.

The Historic Preservation Review Board designated the National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Children and Women (Merriweather Home for Children) at 733 Euclid Street, NW, a historic landmark to be entered in the D.C. Inventory of Historic Sites and recommends that the nomination be forwarded to the National Register of Historic Places for listing at the local level of significance. The Merriweather Home for Children was found eligible under National Register criterion A and District of Columbia criterion B for its historic significance. The period of significance extends from 1930, approximately when the Merriweather Home moved into the building, to 1971, when the Home closed. Vote: 7-0.



733 Euclid Street NW, HPA 22-375, permit/raze

The Board found the raze to be inconsistent with the purposes of the preservation act.


733 Euclid Street NW, HPA 22-366, concept/construct two three-story side and rear additions, subdivision.

The Board approved the subdivision to combine portions of two lots into a single lot of record to be compatible and consistent with the purposes of the preservation act.  Vote:  7-0

The Board approved the concept for two side additions and a third floor rear addition with the following conditions:  the connection of the third floors of the side additions to the mansard are not successful and further setbacks or a reduction in height was needed for the intersection with the mansard roof; additional refinement was needed for the site and landscape plan of the front yard, and any new stairs, areaways or retaining walls should be pulled behind the face of the existing front porch; clarity was needed on the placement of mechanical units and utility meters; and a preservation and interpretation plan needs to be developed.  The Board’s also conditioned its approval as not being construed as support for any necessary zoning relief and asked that the project return for further review when review.  Vote:  7-0.



1614 Kilbourne Place NW, HPA 22-365, concept/three-story side addition and alterations.

The Board did not approve the concept as submitted but requested revisions, including reducing the amount of proposed structural demolition after further studying its condition.  The Board found that demolition of the sleeping porch could be found sufficiently compatible in itself, if it were replaced with a compatible addition, likely something with an expression and proportions more like the existing sleeping porch.  The Board encouraged the applicant return with alternatives, perhaps one that comes only to the second story, with a roof deck on top.  The Board also encouraged that the applicant meet with the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, if the ANC wishes.



523 Cedar Street NW, HPA 22-242, concept/construction of two-story plus attic house.         

The Board found the revised concept compatible with the Takoma Park Historic District with the following conditions:  the second floor front elevation needs to be pushed back to the same plane as the first floor; the first floor should be clad in clapboard rather than brick; the fenestration on the side elevations should continue to be refined with more residential windows; the windows appear too squat and should elongated and a different pane configuration developed; the site plan should be refined to include several steps at the front retaining wall to allow a more gently sloping lead walk.  Final approval was delegated staff.  Vote:  7-0 (Jones arrived mid-case and voted to abstain.)



1837 19th Street NW, HPA 22-370, concept/new construction of two-story side addition.

The Board did not take a vote but found the addition to be too long relative to the building and the bay and rear balcony to be incompatible.  The applicant was encouraged to restudy the proposal and return to the Board when ready. 



3500 Connecticut Avenue NW, HPA 22-374, permit/install aluminum pergola in public space.

The Board found the proposed pergola to be incompatible with the character of these buildings and the Cleveland Park Historic District. The Board additionally noted that the applicant could apply for a different concept in the future, but their strong recommendation is to go through the ANC review process before coming back before the Historic Preservation Review Board. Vote: 8-0.



227-239 Massachusetts Avenue NE, HPA 22-281, revised concept/fourth floor addition, façade and site alterations.

The Board found the proposed project compatible with the Capitol Hill Historic District, and delegated authority to HPO. Vote:  8-0.


1007 8th Street SE, HPA 22-363, concept/construct raised deck addition.

The Board recommended additional revisions, including moving the wheelchair lift to the inside wall of the deck away from the street; pushing the stairs back into the mass of the deck so they don’t project out; making the deck smaller and pulling it further back from 8th and L Streets; and to provide additional information on the appearance and materials of the screen walls. The Board also noted that this proposal is only being considered as potentially compatible because it is proposed for an open building lot next to a non-contributing building. A less-than-quorum group of Board members will collaborate with HPO and the applicant to further work on refining this proposal before it returns again for concept review. Vote:  8-0.


203 3rd Street NE, HPA 22-322, concept/construct areaway at front; add fourth story and deck at roof; alter openings at rear. 

The Board did not approve the concept and advised the applicant that the basement entrance should be moved to the interior or a creative solution be found to make it minimally obtrusive, and the rooftop addition should be revised to be not visible or only minimally visible. The project should be resubmitted for review once revised. Vote:  7-0.





The following Consent Calendar items were approved with comments by a vote of 6-0.



Schlitz Brewing Company Washington Branch/National Geographic Society Warehouse, 326 R Street NE (300 R Street, 329 Randolph Place), Case 21-09.



2102 16th Street SE, HPA 22-225, concept/two-story rear addition.



323 10th Street SE, HPA 22-371, concept/construct two-story accessory building at rear.



2808 Ordway Street NW, HPA 22-364, concept/two story rear addition.



1205 10th Street NW, HPA 22-321, concept/ new construction of three-story flats.



2002 11th Street NW, HPA 22-376, concept/ten-story addition to two-story building.



The following Consent Calendar item was approved by a vote of 5-0-1 (Horsey recused).



2915 and 2917 Dumbarton Street NW, HPA 22-368, concept/subdivision to combine two lots and buildings, plus alterations.





Transcripts of Historic Preservation Review Board Meetings may be purchased from the court reporting agency that covered this hearing – Neal R. Gross & Co., Inc., (202) 234-4433, www.nealrgross.com  or info@nealrgross.com . Individual staff reports that are prepared in advance of the hearing are posted on our

website at https://planning.dc.gov







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