New Content on Anthropology News: Amy Garey on "Agents of Humor"

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We've kicked off the school year with a fantastic Anthropology News article by Amy Garey (UCLA) about her fieldwork with student comedy leagues (KVN) in Russia and Ukraine. "Agents of Humor?" responds to a NATO-backed report that suggested that KVN is a soft-power tool of the Kremlin, and explains ethnographically why this is anything but the case. Read Amy's work here:

Also, in case you missed it, we published a book conversation with Mike McGovern and Larisa Kurtovic last month about Mike's new book, A Socialist Peace? Here's the link: (And please contact me if you have any suggestions for future book conversations.)

Finally, I'm seeking new submissions. Maybe you have some notes from the field to share. Perhaps your fieldsite has been in the news, and you want to provide an ethnographically informed perspective on what's happening there. Send me your ideas at jdeborah at umich.