3 recent job ads with borderlands potential

Black Hills State University - Tenure Track Assistant Professor (Beginning August 2018) - European History with a secondary field in Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, or Asian history, time period and region open (excluding the Anglo-Atlantic world).

Black Hills State University - Assistant Professor (Non-TT) - 19th and/or 20th century US history with a secondary field in Latin American, African, Middle Eastern, or Asian history. 

Discussion about borderlands in the Mediterranean.

Fellow H-Borderlands members,

Those of you interested in borderlands of the Mediterranean may enjoy reading a couple of new papers. 

Recently the writing system of a Medieval manuscript was revealed to be proto-Romance: i.e. the ancestor to the modern Romance languages. In addition, it is written with a proto-Italic alphabet. It is the only known document of this kind and therefore has considerable linguistic and historic importance.

CFP: Global and Transnational History, Networks and Violence

Workshop Date: July 18, 2018 to July 19, 2018

Location: Australia

Subject Fields: 

World History / Studies, Research and Methodology, Political History / Studies, Intellectual History, Diplomacy and International Relations

Workshop for Beginning Historians and Early Career Researchers

Global and Transnational History, Networks and Violence

Submission date: 31 May 2018

Centre for the History of Violence, University of Newcastle, Australia


The Event


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