Call for Proposals: OAH Panel on Immigration and Intermediary Brokers

Tian Atlas Xu's picture

The question of how people brokered culture, knowledge, and belonging between worlds is an understudied but vitally important topic in the history of migration. I am organizing a panel, tentatively entitled "Immigration and Intermediary Brokers in Uncertain Times: the Case of Chinese Immigration, 1882-1965," for the 2023 OAH annual meeting. We have three panelists now examining the work of cultural (the translation of the footbinding culture), legal (lawyers facilitating immigation under exclusion), and medical (nurses in New York's Chinatown) brokers. I am reaching out to ask if you are interested in joining us, either as a panelist or as a commentator. If you know other scholars who might be interested, please also feel free to let us know.

Please contact Tian Xu at for more information. Thanks for your attention!