Online film screening "The Mist: Spectral Sounds of Romeyka," December 2, 17.00 (CET)

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Online film screening "The Mist: Spectral Sounds of Romeyka"
December 2nd, 17.00-18.30 (CET Time Zone)
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We invite you to the film screening "The Mist: Spectral Sounds of Romeyka." This event is a part of the Annual Online Conference "Black Sea Region in the Times of Crises: New Theoretical Approaches and Research Methodologies," October-December 2021. The online conference looks at the present and historical dynamics shaping the Black Sea region through the lens of transculturality.

"The Mist" revolves around Romeyka, a local variety of Greek with archaic linguistic features spoken by Turkish-nationalist communities in contemporary Turkey. The film asks questions about heritage, collective memory, and identity. Drawing on ethnographic research and follow-up interviews with speakers, it first explores how Romeyka is still alive in one of the hotbeds of Turkish nationalists and how it infuses locals' senses of the past and topography. Following this demonstration, the documentary shows how native speakers, as ardent Turkish nationalists, strive to distance themselves from Romeyka due to its Greek-Christian connotations within the nationalist matrix. In its third turn, the documentary focuses on the endangerment of Romeyka and how, unless necessary preservation and revitalization measures are implemented, the language is destined to die in the near future both due to nationalist stigma and outward migration to cities, where the younger generation of speakers prefer Turkish for pragmatic reasons.
The film was supported by the GCE-HSG research dissemination grant program "Borderland Studies in Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region" in 2021.

Disscussion participants:

Erol Saglam (Istanbul Medeniyet University, Freie Universität Berlin)

Sandra King-Savić (University of St.Gallen)

Chair: Anna Chebotarova (University of Oslo / University of St.Gallen)

The event will be delivered on an online platform zoom: