The Borders of Religion

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We are pleased to announce that Volume 6 of Religion and Society has been published by Berghahn Journals. This volume is marked by borders, boundaries, and limits. The borders here are those that make religion operative and politically powerful, as well as those that are enabled and put into place by religious arguments and worldviews. This issue features a Special Section exploring Borderlands and Religion.

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CURRENT ISSUE: Volume 6, 2015

Introduction: The Borders of Religion, Ruy Llera Blanes, Simon Coleman, and Sondra L. Hausner

I. PORTRAIT - Ann Taves


Other Times, Other Worlds: Archaeology, Ritual, and Religion, Marc Verhoeven

Cosmogony Today: Counter-Cosmogony, Perspectivism, and the Return of Anti-biblical Polemic, Michael W. Scott

The Anthropology of Secularity beyond Secularism, Ashley B. Lebner

Glossolalia and Linguistic Alterity: The Ontology of Ineffable Speech, Evandro Bonfim

III. SPECIAL SECTION: Borderlands and Religion: Materialities, Histories, and the Spatialization of State Sovereignty

Edited by Valentina Napolitano and Nurit Stadler

Introduction: Materialities, Histories, and the Spatialization of State Sovereignty, Valentina Napolitano, Nimrod Luz, and Nurit Stadler

Occupation, Religion, and the Voidable Politics of Empire at the US-Mexico Border, Alejandro Lugo

Two Venerated Mothers Separated by a Wall: Iconic Spaces, Territoriality, and Borders in Israel-Palestine, Nurit Stadler and Nimrod Luz

Saints and Virgins: Religious Pluralism in the City of Tijuana, Alberto Hernández and Amalia Campos-Delgado

Remaking the Mosaic: Religious Leaders and Secular Borders in the Colonial Levant, Alexander D.M. Henley

IV. DEBATE: In Response to Charlie



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