MA Program on Muslim Worlds in Russia (History & Culture), National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Moscow

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The Faculty of the Humanities at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Moscow is accepting applications for Fall 2021 admission to our two-year MA program on Muslim Worlds in Russia (History & Culture). This interdisciplinary program with specialization in history (both past and present time) focuses on cross-cultural studies of the Muslim societies, peoples and actors who lived or are living in the multiconfessional and poly-ethnic territories of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and contemporary Russia. It will provide students with 1) in-depth knowledge of the history and historiography of Russia and Russian Muslim peoples/regions, as well as their various contacts abroad, both with Muslim and “Western” lands; 2) basic instruction in Islamic studies; 3) basic instruction in corresponding languages (Arabic, Persian or Turkic, Tatar or Uzbek, etc.); 4) basic orientation in problems of Modern Islam; 5) historical and cultural studies research skills and methods appropriate to cross-cultural and entangled history analysis. Opportunities for field research are provided. We do not demand any previous education in Islamic or corresponding area studies. We teach predominantly in Russian, and some courses are taught in English; so, applicants with BAs or similar degrees who understand both Russian and English and speak one of them are welcome.

 The HSE university is one of the leading universities in Russia with high world ratings. Pursuing the contemporary critical approaches, the program is based at the Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies, Faculty of the Humanities, which since 1994 has comprised leading scholars in various fields of the studies of ancient and modern Eastern civilizations and antiquity ( Our interdisciplinary M.A. program on Muslim Worlds in Russia (History & Culture), with its focus on borderlands and border-crossing, not only provides students with a tangible knowledge of the relevant historical and cultural areas, but also offers them the opportunity to embrace a broad vision of the entangled and connected cross-cultural processes in the contemporary world.

The HSE University provides scholarships on various basis up to 50% of charge (; we have one 100% scholarship for a strong applicant (to apply before May 20). For more details on how to apply see:

The deadline to apply for Fall 2021 admission is MAY 20, 2021 for the 100% tuition scholarship, and August 10, 2021 for other scholarships (international students). We assess the applicants’ portfolios on a current basis, so the earlier you apply, the better. For the portfolio criteria, please visit


For more information, please visit and or contact Olga Bessmertnaya, Academic Director of the MA program Muslim Worlds in Russia (History & Culture): .