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The Student Section of the Latin American Studies Association calls for presenters in the panel "Mental Health and Academia" for the upcoming LASA Congress 2018 (Barcelona, May 23-26, 2018).

The Student Section organizes panels to complement the academic roles students may have in a worldclass meeting such as this one. The nature of an academic career and the prospect of the job market couple with other life-important situations. This panel aims to start a converstion about mental health, its impact on students, and possible avenues for addressing it. How does mental health affect academia? How can we have better conversations with students? What tools and strategies have helped in the past? 

We invite scholars of all ranks (graduate students at any stage, adjuncts, professors), administrators, and staff to share their strategies, views, and suggestions on how to be mentally healthy in present-day academia.

Important: Presenting in this panel will not prevent you from presenting an academic paper in another panel because this is a section-sponsored event. If you plan to go to LASA, please consider presenting in this panel.

For questions or for submitting your proposal (Title and an optional abstract of 250 words), please e-mail Ángeles Picone (

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