Global and Transnational Approaches - Estudos Históricos, new issue

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“Global and Transnational Approaches” - new issue Estudos Históricos – Open Access 

Dear H-World readers:

We are pleased to announce that the special issue “Global and Transnational Approaches” (vol. 30, n. 60, 2017) of Revista Estudos Históricos is now available online and on open access.


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Table of Contents


Life (and death?) of Global History

Alexandre Moreli (pp. 5-16)



Connecting the Indies: The Hispano-Asian Pacific World in Early Modern Global History

Ryan Dominic Crewe (pp. 17-34)


Islamic instruction in Senegambia and practices of African Muslims in Portugal: an Atlantic approach (16th and 17th centuries)

Thiago Henrique Mota (pp. 35-54)


Small Money, Big Problems: How an investigation on small Latin American republics shaped the financial market for sovereign debt in the 19th century

José Augusto Ribas Miranda (pp. 55-70)


The Transnational Imagined Community of the Black Press of Sao Paulo and Chicago, 1900-1940s

Cristián Castro (pp, 71-91)


World War I, economic crisis and aggravation of labor conflict in Argentina

Juan Suriano (pp. 93-113)


Between Chicago and Salvador: Donald Pierson and the sociology of race relations

Marcos Chor Maio and Thiago Da Costa Lopes (pp. 115-139)


Between the Cold War and the Global South: Argentina and Third World Solidarity in the Falklands/Malvinas Crisis

Stella Paresa Krepp (pp. 141-160)


Peripheral historiographies in a global or transnational perspective: eurocentrism in question

Pedro Afonso Cristovão dos Santos, Thiago Lima Nicodemo and Mateus Henrique de Faria Pereira (pp. 161-186)


Writing the Latin American Cold War: between the "local" South and the "global" North

Aldo Marchesi (pp. 187-202)


Bibliographic essays

Conceptual Readings into the Cold War: Towards Transnational Approaches from the Perspective of Latin American Studies in Eastern and Western Europe

Albert Manke, Kateřina Březinová and Laurin Blecha (pp. 203-218)


Special Contribution

On the origins of Global History

Sanjay Subrahmanyam (pp. 219-240)


Doing Global History: Reflections, doubts and commitments

José Antonio Sánchez Román (pp. 241-252)


Latin America in Global History: an Historiographic Overview

Diego Olstein (pp. 253-272)



Interview with Robert Frank

Alexandre Moreli (pp. 273-299)




Alexandre Moreli (guest editor)

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