New Review Editor

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Dear H-Borderlands suscribers,

My name is Ángeles Picone and I am one of the co-editors of the network. I am happy to announce I will also be serving as Review Editor. 

You have been receiving our Book Digest that we prepare from the Book Channel. Now, we can write and read reviews about our growing field.

I invite you to either contact me if you are willing to review a book and/or to indicate your interest in your H-Net profile (this is a new feature). Also, please visit the H-Net Reviews if you want to look at other reviews. 

Unfortunately, I cannot accept reviewers for specific books. Per H-Net regulations, you can suggest the review of a book or volunteer to be a reviewer, but you cannot volunteer for a specific monograph. 

Finally, with this new responsibity to make our network dynamic, we welcome volunteers to become co-editors. You can contact me or Sheila McManus if you have any questions about the workload or if you have any ideas you want to test. 

Thank you all for helping us grow!


Ángeles Picone

Review Editor H-Borderlands