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Women's & Gender History / Studies, Literature

Following the recent publication offered in Open Access, Brill invites fresh and innovative perspective in Women Writers in History series:

Women Writing Intimate Spaces: The Long Nineteenth Century at the Fringes of Europe

This multi-layered volume discusses the connection between intimacy and transnationality and spatiality during the 19th century. With a narrower scope on specific regions, the chapters of this volume offer a variety of approaches to intimacy and generous bibliographical references for researchers in humanities and cultural studies.

As part of the Women Writers in History series, it focuses on women authors and the role they were allowed to play in their respective countries, and beyond national borders in the whole of Europe. 

Would you like to contribute with your own perspective?

Authors are cordially invited to submit their book proposals to the Acquisitions Editor at Brill, Christa Stevens ( 

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Acquisitions Editor at Brill, Christa Stevens (