Local Cultures – Global Spaces

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December 5, 2023
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Social Sciences, Sociology

Local Cultures – Global Spaces


Dates: 5-7 Dec, 2023

Place: Virtual

Abstracts: 15 July, 2023 (Round 1) | 20 October, 2023 (Round 2)




The United Nations Human Rights and Habitat programmes connect how we live, to where we live. The association is premised on an understanding of cultures, communities and society through the lens of place. It sees them as inherently interlinked, and mutually reinforcing. Examining this liminal state, the Local Cultures – Global Spaces conference questions this idea as it appears at the intersection of cultural studies, sociology, human geography, architecture and urban planning.

If we take the city as a case in point, it can be critiqued as a site of displacement, economic inequity, gender marginalization and social exclusion. Viewed through such lenses, architecture, urban design and development policy simply ingrain the status quo. By contrast, for those celebrating cultural consumption, the city is a site for exchange – of ideas, experiences, identities, money, and more. Within this mix, the design the cities is central to the riches of globalization. It is where we find the Creative Class of Richard Florida, and where we enjoy the fruits of human production: cultural buildings, public spaces and the IT networks of the ‘smart city.’

In welcoming debates on these questions, Local Cultures – Global Spaces collaborates with Departments of Architecture, Sociology and Cultural Studies from universities in the UK, USA and China. It welcomes research papers, cases studies, ethnographic analysis’ and project reports on any of the questions raised above, or any of the themes of its partner universities:

  • Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
  • Department of Cultural Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong  
  • Department of Architecture and Planning, University of Melbourne.



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May Thorpe, Raj Kumar, Joseph Reid, Isaac Leung, Uli Linke, Janet McGaw

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