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ICW Symposium on Migrant Letters Discussion Clay Stalls 09/18/2018 - 5:11pm
New Podcast Discussion Brenden W. Rensink 09/18/2018 - 8:50am
CFP (edited volume): Family Reunification and Separation: Policy and Process Historically and Now Discussion Lauren Stokes 09/18/2018 - 8:49am
New Book on Immigration Advocacy and Chinese Youth Discussion Michele Statz 09/18/2018 - 8:46am
Extended CFP: Special Territorial Status and Extraterritoriality: Exceptional Sovereignties and Sovereign Exceptions, Svalbard, January 20-24 Discussion Sheila McManus 09/10/2018 - 1:05pm
HNet job ads with borderlands potential Discussion Sheila McManus 09/10/2018 - 1:01pm
CfP: Challenges, Conflicts and Opportunities. 100 Years of State- and Nationhood in Central and Eastern Europe (extended deadline) Discussion Sheila McManus 09/05/2018 - 12:41pm
Call for Applications: The Open Research Laboratory at Illinois Discussion Jesse Wesso 09/05/2018 - 11:16am
CfP: Submissions Open - Sovereignties in Contention: Nations, Regions and Citizens in Europe - Madrid, June 20-22, 2019 Discussion Tyler Green 09/05/2018 - 11:14am
Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration 2.1 is now available! Discussion Tessa Mathieson 09/05/2018 - 11:14am
recent H-Net job ads with borderlands potential Discussion Sheila McManus 09/05/2018 - 11:12am
CFP: Special Issue on Young People and Borders Discussion Sheila McManus 08/21/2018 - 2:06pm
Narratives of Displacement International Conference “Navigating Borders: Immigration, Refugeeism and Citizenship” Discussion Oleksandra Hryhor 08/20/2018 - 9:33am
Trans-nationalizing Identity and Space in The Orient: 19th-century Women’s Travel Writing - Roundtable, NeMLA 2019, Washington D.C. Discussion Nilgun Okur 08/20/2018 - 9:31am
International Europeanist Conference 2019, Madrid, Spain: European Culture Research Network Discussion Gisela Brinker-Gabler 08/20/2018 - 9:30am
CFP: Transgressing Fortified Global Borders Discussion Abire Sabbagh 08/20/2018 - 9:28am
Nobbs-Thiessen on Blanc and Freitas, 'Big Water: The Making of the Borderlands between Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay' Review System Administrator 08/15/2018 - 8:50am
New Issue TOC: Regions and Cohesion (Vol. 8, Issue 2) Discussion Young Lee 08/14/2018 - 12:38pm
recent job ads with borderlands potential Discussion Sheila McManus 08/14/2018 - 12:37pm
CFPapers Transnational Chinese Passages and the Global Making of Frontiers, Borderlands, and Borders  Discussion Sheila McManus 08/08/2018 - 2:18pm
recent job ads with borderlands potential Discussion Sheila McManus 08/08/2018 - 2:08pm
Call for Proposals: Boston Seminar on African American History Discussion Alexis Buckley 08/08/2018 - 2:01pm
New Books in Border Studies Discussion María de los Ángeles Picone 07/21/2018 - 1:23pm
Central and West Asia and Diasporas Research Network Conference Program, Berlin, 23-25 July 2018 Discussion GJ Breyley 07/21/2018 - 12:48pm
Reminder: CfA for IJIA 9.2 special issue "Field as Archive / Archive as Field" (deadline 30 July) Discussion Eray Cayli 07/21/2018 - 12:47pm