Disability Studies Quarterly special issue on Indigeneity + Disability available

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Disability Studies Quarterly is delighted to announce the release of a special issue on Indigeneity + Disability. The journal is Open Access.

Vol 41, No 4 (Fall 2021)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18061/dsq.v41i4

Table of Contents:

Prefatory Matter

Indigeneity & Disability: Kinship, Place, and Knowledge-Making

  • Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch

Section I: Kinship

Section I Introduction: Kinship

  • Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch

Family History as Disability History: Native Hawaiians Surviving Medical Incarceration

  • Adria L. Imada

Raising Our Children with Disabilities in Akomimoksin

  • Pearl Yellow Old Woman-Healy, Stacey Running Rabbit

Becoming Insane: The Death of Arch Wolfe at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians

  • Devon Mihesuah

Defying the odds: A self-reflection of an Indigenous woman lawyer with a disability in Ghana

  • Esther Akua Gyamfi

Rattlesnake Kinship: Indigeneity, Disability, Animality

  • Vivian Delchamps

Dangerous Representations: 'Indigenous Infanticide,' Disability, and Karitiana Relations in Brazil

  • Íris Morais Araújo

Competency, Allotment, and the Canton Asylum: The Case of a Muscogee Woman

  • Anne Gregory

Section II: Place

Section II Introduction: Place

  • Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch

Inseparable: Lands and Peoples in Sacred Connection

  • Caroline Lieffers, In'aska (Dennis Hastings), Margery Coffey (Mi'oⁿbathiⁿ)

Colonial Forces of Environmental Violence on Deaf, Disabled, & Ill Indigenous People

  • Jen Deerinwater

"The Way History Lands on a Face": Disability, Indigeneity, and Embodied Violence in Tommy Orange's There There

  • Brandi Bushman, Pasquale Toscano

Enduring the Storm: Dealing with Mental Disabilities in Oceania

  • Juliann Anesi

Review of "Holding Up the Sky," or Naming Maine as Wabanaki Homelands

  • Jess L. Cowing

'Care and Maintenance': Indigeneity, Disability and Settler Colonialism at the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians, 1902-1934

  • Sarah Whitt

Abya Yala's Disability: Weaving With the Thread and Breath of the Ancestors

  • Alexander Yarza de los Ríos

Section III: Knowledge Making

Section III Introduction: Knowledge-Making

  • Juliet Larkin-Gilmore, Ella Callow, Susan Burch

Indigenous Concepts of Difference: an alternative to Western disability labeling

  • Lavonna L. Lovern

Thinking about mental health and spirituality from the Indigenous knowledge systems frame of reference

  • Lieketseng Ned, Lily Kpobi, Chioma Ohajunwa

Indigeneity and Disabilities in the Ecuadorian Oral History Archives

  • Scott Thomas Gibson, Sara Newman, Antonia Carcelen-Estrada

Elissa Washuta's My Body is a Book of Rules: A Crip Mad Reading of Psychiatric Compliance and Resistance

  • Meghann O'Leary

a prescription for consent

  • Marina Tsaplina, Charlee Huffman (maxpú hiⁿga miⁿga)

Stories Out of Place: Archives of Disability and Settler Colonialism in and from Life of Black Hawk

  • Amanda Stuckey

The Fourth Lifeway: Recognizing the Legacy of Bodily Difference and Disability within the Inka Empire

  • Ryan Scott Hechler

Thank you for bringing this my attention. Excellent post.
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We can thank Susan Burch for relaying the information to H-AmIndian!
-F. Evan Nooe