TOC: NDN [American Indian] Communities and Remote Sensing Techniques - Advances in Archaeological Practice 9 (3)

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Advances in Archaeological Practice volume 9, number 3 has published and is available on Cambridge Core. This is a special issue on NDN Communities and Remote Sensing Techniques.

Links below provide free access to individual articles on the publisher's website.

Kristen Barnett and Matthew C. Sanger


Remote Sensing and Indigenous Communities: Challenges and Opportunities
Matthew C. Sanger and Kristen Barnett

Integrating Remote Sensing and Indigenous Archaeology to Locate Unmarked Graves: A Case Study from Northern Alberta, Canada
William T. D. Wadsworth, Kisha Supernant, Ave Dersch, and the Chipewyan Prarie First Nation

The Role of GPR in Community-Driven Compliance Archaeology with Tribal and Non-tribal Communities in Central California
Peter A. Nelson

Applying Canine Detection in Support of Collaborative Archaeology
John Grebenkember, Adela Morris, Brian F. Byrd, and Laurel Engbring

The Importance of Minimally Invasive Remote Sensing Methods in Huron-Wendat Archaeology
Gary Warrick, Bonnie Glencross, and Louis Lesage

Digital Review

Mixing Worlds: Current Trends in Integrating the Past and Present through Augmented and Mixed Reality
Jiafang Liang