QUERY: Recommendations for literature on indigenous American history in the Chesapeake region

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Dear all, 

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I am currently working on some research into Roman Catholic missions amongst indigenous Americans in the Chesapeake at the point of contact in the seventeenth century. My focus is belief, spirituality and religious practice but I am interested in moving beyond the "true conversion" paradigm towards what Vine Deloria Jr. describes as recognising the inherent, constant processes of renewal within indigenous belief systems. For this reason, I am interested in learning more about belief amongst the Chesapeake first nations, especially at the point of contact. Ideally, I would like to read more about religious belief as it is remembered and understood in the indigenous tradition rather than presented in colonial sources. However, until now I have struggled to find very much literaure on this topic. I would therefore be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. Thus far, I have:

Alice Ferguson, Henry Ferguson. The Piscataway Indians of southern Maryland (1960).

Helen Rountree -- a number of publications on indigenous Americans in Maryland and Virginia.

C A Weslage -- a number of publications on the Nanticoke. 

Stephen R. Potter, Commoners, tribute and chiefs. (1993)

Michael Humphries, Principal tribes of the Algonquian language stock found in Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay region. (1979)


Thank in advance. 

Dr. Helen Kilburn.