Call for Panelists: Technology Transfer in the Early American West

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I am looking for a panelist to join a panel I'm putting together for this year's SHEAR conference, which is taking place both online and in Philadelphia, July 15-18. More information here: 

The title of the panel is "Technology Transfer in the Early American West." The panel focuses on the role of technology in the process of settler-colonialism and Indigenous responses, resistance, and adaptation to settler-colonialism. Technology here is fairly broadly construed and could include legal instruments, maps, forms of knowledge or animal husbandry, as well as weapons, tools, and so forth. I am particularly interested in soliciting papers that pay attention to the relationship between technology and the environment. The time-frame is fairly broad - anything between 1776-1861 would be suitable.

I am hoping panelists will use technology transfers as a framing device to think about some of the secondary impacts of technology - e.g. on labor, gender roles, relationships with the environment, etc. - and am particularly interested in papers that consider technology transfer as a multi-directional process.

The deadline for submissions is January 15. If you are interested in joining this panel, please email me a brief description of your paper and an explanation of how it might align with these themes.