Nationalism Scholarship and the Americas

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Dear H-AmIndian Editors and Subscribers,

Over at H-Nationalism, we’ve just launched a new “question of the month” about the place of the Americas in nationalism scholarship. The aim of this series is to encourage open-ended, moderated discussion that brings scholars with different areas of expertise into a common, substantive discussion. Please think about taking some time to subscribe (if you’re not already a subscriber) and comment. We’d love to hear from you. H-Nationalism has over 3,000 subscribers, so comments find a wide audience. If you plan to contribute, we recommend composing your thoughts in Word or a similar program and then copying them over as a comment when they’re ready.

The current question of the month is available here:

You can find past discussions here (October is a particularly good, recent example):

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David Prior
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Assistant Professor of History, UNM