Amer Indian/Native Amer. Ethos project

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Hi Everyone,
I'm working on a project where one American Indian ethos contributor has
had to pull out due to excessive commitments, so I'm hoping you or someone
you know can help.

James Baumlin and I are editing an encyclopedic-like text about ethos. As
you may know Jim is well known for his ethos work going back over 30 years.
The book will be in three parts. One is the Western tradition section and
focus on classical and post-classical rhetoric. The second one focuses on
non-Western ethos. And the third includes alternative ethos.

The second section is not well represented with American Indian/Native
American ethos, and we're seeking contributions that can add to this area.
With over 500 nations in North America, it is vital to have fair

A bit about the piece, roughly 18-20 pages broad enough, but academic
enough, to give a decent overview and provides academic apparatus for
scholars to dig deeper should they wish. There is also a smaller section
that derives from the longer one, which we are calling a Case study. The
case study is a shorter (~5p) work about a person that exemplifies that
particular ethos. Any contributor does not need to have a case study, but
the case study is optional after the main entry (and is designed to give an
exemplar of the ethos).
The working deadline is Dec 1. The text is under contract. Also, a group of
scholars are welcome to work together to craft this contribution.

If you're interested or want to hear more, I can send the working TOC and
Jim's intro. A potential contribution doesn't need to be reinventing the
wheel, as it were. It's possible you can combine, massage, etc. previous
work you've done into a meaningful contribution.

To be blunt, I will be heartbroken if we don't have a few American
Indian/Native American entries, so if you can help please contact me.
Thank you.

       Craig A. Meyer, PhD