X-Post from H-Early-America: Triangle Early American History Seminar, 2017-18 schedule

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Ed. note: Some of the papers at this seminar may be of interest. Link to the post on H-Early-America here: https://networks.h-net.org/node/8585/discussions/191463/triangle-early-american-history-seminar-2017-18-schedule -CBC

 Triangle Early American History Seminar, 2017-18 schedule 

The Triangle Early American History Seminar is pleased to announce its 2017-2018 Schedule. All meetings are on Fridays at 4 at the National Humanities Center in either the West Conference Room (second floor) or Main Conference Room (first floor).

This year, we have posted our schedule online at http://teahs.web.unc.edu/. You can also find us on Twitter @TriangleEAHS. If you would like to be added to the TEAHS listserv, please e-mail Garrett Wright at gwwright@live.unc.edu.

Many thanks for the support of Carolina Seminars, the Duke University History Department, and the National Humanities Center.

Juliana Barr, Megan Cherry, Kathleen DuVal, and Garrett Wright, co-organizers


TEAHS 2017-2018 Schedule

September 22 Holly White (Omohundro Institute), “‘Attend to the advice of your mother’: Parental Assertions of Control in the Early Republic,” NHC West Conference Room

October 20 Mandy Cooper (Duke), “Cultures of Emotion: Families, Friends, and the Making of the United States,” NHC West Conference Room

November 17 Andrew Fitzmaurice (University of Sydney), NHC Main Conference Room (co-sponsored by the Triangle Global British History Seminar)

December 1 Aubrey Lauersdorf (UNC), “Apalachee Politics and Diplomacy in the Seventeenth Century,” NHC West Conference Room

January 26 Ebony Jones (NCSU), “William Neptune Dehaney, a ‘most infamous man’: Slavery and Geographies of Punishment in the Nineteenth-Century Caribbean,” NHC Main Conference Room (co-sponsored by the Triangle Global British History Seminar)

February 16 Nathaniel Millett (St. Louis University), “Indigenous Life in the British West Indies during the First Half of the Eighteenth Century,” NHC West Conference Room

March 2 Jon Sensbach (University of Florida), “The Sacred World of Mary Prince,” NHC West Conference Room

April 13 Tony Frazier (NCCU), NHC West Conference Room

April 27 Josh Lynn (Yale), “The Black Douglass and the White Douglas: Embodying Race, Manhood, and Democracy in Antebellum America,” NHC Main Conference Room