17th Annual Native American Studies Celebration

Ashley Lowrimore Discussion

USC Lancaster's Native American Studies is hosting its 17th Annual Native American Studies Celebration, "Native American Popular Culture,” held on selected dates beginning Tuesday, Nov. 1 and concluding Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Programming held throughout the month celebrates Native Americans in popular culture, with talks about Indigenous representation in contemporary dance, video games, television, music, and more. Speakers include Dance Education Specialist Jessica Moore of Columbia College; Chesley “Chez” Oxendine of Tribal Business News; Mato Standing High, Barth Chief Eagle Robinson, and Bert Hesse of Wonderlore Studios; Vincent Schilling, journalist, public speaker, and editor of Native Viewpoint; and Sandra Schulman, author, curator, and filmmaker. Programming also includes an artist talk and traditional social song and dance demo by Marcus Dunn, an artist talk and painting demo by Tom Farris, and a Q&A by “Prey” lead artist Brent Learned.

Events will be held both in person and virtually.

To attend our in-person events, please contact us at usclnasp@mailbox.sc.edu or 803-313-7172 to reserve your spot on our guest list.

To attend our events virtually, please register at the Zoom registration links available on our website (www.sc.edu/lancaster/nas) and social media platforms.

For more information, call (803) 313-7172 or email usclnasp@mailbox.sc.edu.