Podcast--Indigenous Public History

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The ITPS Podcast "Public History in a Virtual Age," hosted by the Institute for Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College, is pleased to announce a new season and a new host, Dr. John C. Winters (he/him).

After a successful first season, Season 2 will look closely at a subject in the public humanities that is not often discussed: Indigenous Public History. My guests include indigenous public history practitioners, academics, and cultural leaders, as well as non-indigenous public history practitioners. They will talk about their experiences in Indigenous Public History, their successes and challenges in the field, and the responsibilities and ethics of decolonizing public history.

In the first episode, I interview Dr. Ora Marek-Martinez (she/her/asdzáá/ayat). Ora is a citizen of the Diné (Navajo) Nation, and is of the Mountain Cove clan; her father was Nez Perce from Northern Idaho. She worked for the Navajo Nation as an archaeologist for over 16 years, including serving as the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer, and currently is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Native American Cultural Center at Northern Arizona University. You can find her @docmarek.

You can find the ITPS podcast wherever you get your podcasts or through the ITPS website. Each episode launches at the beginning of the month from April-September 2022. Join us!