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I am looking for two panelists to participate on a panel at Ethnohistory in September. I have a paper on the the Pascagoula River Tribe and Jim Crow. I will consider any paper dealing with any aspect of ethnicity and Jim Crow. I am waiting to hear back from a potential commentator that does work on Asian Americans in the South including the Jim Crow era.

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There are now two papers committed to the panel. Both are on Native American topics that connect to the South. Combined they cover the the period from 1870 to 1968. We need one more paper.

Would you possibly be interested in a paper on the ongoing Ebarb La. Choctaw-Apache federal recognition case? How soon would you need the abstract to work it into your panel proposal before May 1?

Joseph Wilson

Fairfield University


My work with the Pascagoula River Tribe is on their acknowledgment process and my paper comes out of that research. So it seems like your on recognition will fit. Send me your abstract asap at

Dixie Ray

Although I do work on the Apaches, I have not followed the Choctaw-Apache recognition case.

I am sorry for not being clear. I have not worked on the topic of recognition.

The panel I was putting together now complete.