NEW PUBLICATION: Special Issue of Religions "The Return of Religious Antisemitism?"

Gunther Jikeli Discussion

It's my pleasure to announce the special issue of Religions

The Return of Religious Antisemitism?

In eight papers, we explore the question if there is a return of religious antisemitism.

Please find more information and the open-source papers here.



Is Religion Coming Back as a Source for Antisemitic Views?

by Gunther Jikeli

The most violent American and European antisemites in the 21st century, including not only Jihadists but also white (and black) supremacist terrorist, made some reference to religion in their hatred of Jews. This is surprising. Religious antisemitism is often seen as a relic [...] Read more.


“One Knows the Tree by the Fruit That It Bears:” Mircea Eliade’s Influence on Current Far-Right Ideology

by Mark Weitzman

Since the notorious Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, the alt-right has surged into prominence as the most visible expression of right-wing extremism. While most analysts have focused on the political aspect of the movement, my article will explore the spiritual [...] Read more.


The Presbyterian Church and Zionism Unsettled: Its Antecedents, and Its Antisemitic Legacy

by Cary Nelson

The new millennium has seen increased hostility to Israel among many progressive constituencies, including several mainline Protestant churches. The evangelical community in the US remains steadfastly Zionist, so overall support for financial aid to Israel remain secure. But the cultural impact of accusations [...] Read more.


Israel and Zionism in the Eyes of Palestinian Christian Theologians

by Giovanni Matteo Quer

Christian activism in the Arab–Israeli conflict and theological reflections on the Middle East have evolved around Palestinian liberation theology as a theological–political doctrine that scrutinizes Zionism, the existence of Israel and its policies, developing a biblical hermeneutics that reverses the biblical narrative, in [...] Read more.


Religiosity, Religious Practice, and Antisemitism in Present-Day Hungary

by Ildikó Barna and András Kovács

Since 1995, Surveys on antisemitism using national representative samples have been regularly carried out in Hungary. In this article, we used data from the 2011 and 2017 surveys to explore the relationship between three types of antisemitism, namely religious, secular, and emotional. Moreover, [...] Read more.


Rethinking the Role of Religion in Arab Antisemitic Discourses

by Esther Webman

“The Palestinian cause is not about land and soil, but it is about faith and belief,” insist Islamists in their attempts to Islamize the Arab–Israeli conflict. This paper examines the instrumentalization of religion in the conflict since its early stages, and its impact [...] Read more.


The Centrality of Anti-Semitism in the Islamic State’s Ideology and Its Connection to Anti-Shiism

by Daniel Rickenbacher

The Islamic State (ISIS) has repeatedly targeted Jews in terrorist attacks and incited against Jews in its propaganda. Anti-Semitism and the belief that Jews are engaged in a war against Islam has been central to Islamist thought since its inception. Islamist anti-Semitism exposes [...] Read more.


Antisemitism in the Muslim Intellectual Discourse in South Asia

by Navras J. Aafreedi

South Asia (Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan) has produced some of the greatest Islamic thinkers, such as Shah Wali Allah (sometimes also spelled Waliullah; 1702–1763) who is considered one of the originators of pan-Islamism, Rahmatullah Kairanwi (1818–1892), Muhammad Iqbal (1877–1938), Syed Abul A’la Mawdudi [...] Read more.