Posting Tips for H-Sport

Posting a message to H-Sport

Unlike in the past when individuals emailed their announcement to H-Sport which was then sent to all of the H-Sport subscribers, H-Sport is now web-based. Announcements or any kind should be submitted online directly from the author of the announcement.

After logging in, at the top of the main H-Sport page you will see "Start a Discussion". Just click this orange button so that you can prepare your message.

You are then taken to a web page with many fresh options for preparing your message.  At the top of the text window where you write your message you’ll see little icons for applets that add features to your message.  Now you can:

  • You can use italics, bold, underline, right/center justification, bulleted and numbered lists and other formatting -- even the dreaded smileycons.
  • Link to video or audio (such as YouTube).  When you click on that applet, the instructions in the dialog include helpful links to all the streaming services.
  • Paste documents from MS Word.  Use the “paste from Word” applet.  Word’s formatting doesn’t always translate character for character to web lingo, so some cleaning-up after pasting is usually necessary.
  • Know some HTML? If you do, our text editor can render most basic HTML code; click "source" in the applet toolbar to expose and edit the code.  Your results may vary.

Responding to an H-Sport Message

The new H-Sport on the H-Net Commons makes it very easy to respond to a message.  Either from the email you receive or directly from the page on H-Sport where the original message is located just click "Reply to this post".  On the H-Sport page this link is at the top of the right-hand column; in the email you received it will be at the bottom of the message. Clicking this link will open the page which allows you to submit your response.

H-Sport encourages individuals to respond to messages on H-Sport so that all of the H-Sport subscribers can also read the responses and answers.

Adding Tags

One of the great features of the new H-Net Commons is the ability to find material across all of the networks. Tagging posts with several different tags will help other scholars find your post even if they are not subscribed to H-Sport. H-Sport has developed a list of recommended tags -- we encourage you to consult this list before submitting your message to the editors.

**NOTE: Because just about all of the posts on H-Sport are about sport, please do not use "sport" as a tag with your message. We have a table on the H-Sport "Call" Roll that includes calls for papers and panelists from other H-Net lists which mention sport.

What if my question hasn't been answered or I am still having problems?

Have no fear - the H-Sport Editors are here to help you! Just send us an email at and we will respond as soon as possible.