Archive Project: Australasian Collections

The H-Sport Archive Project provides information about archival collections that are of interest to sport scholars.  While many sport museums and sport organizations are well-known to sport scholars, the H-Sport Archive Project highlights sport collections held at non-sport archives.

Scholars interested in using these collections should consult the archive's website and contact the archive directly regarding visiting the archive and any specific regulations pertaining to accessing the collections.

The H-Sport Archive Project team also welcomes suggestions of collections to include.


Keywords Post date
Sport and Leisure - Merton Memories Photographic Archive leisure, athletics, cricket, sailing, British History / Studies, photographs, winter sport, Archive Project, Europe November 19, 2017 4:02pm
The Louis Hofmans collection of stereoscopic glass plates of sports events, 1904-1920 belgium, Boxing, football (soccer), roller skating, cycling, track cycling, Antwerp, Olympic Games, Archive Project, Europe November 17, 2017 5:29pm
Forrest "Bud" Harris Photographs, ca. 1950s-2007 cycling, BMX, racing, photographs, Pittsburgh, Archive Project, North America August 23, 2017 5:51pm
Joel B. Levinson Photographs, 1950-2006 Pittsburgh, photographs, National Football League, college football, stadium, distance running, Archive Project, North America August 23, 2017 5:46pm
WTAE-TV Newsfilm Collection, April 1962-December 1976 Pittsburgh, National Football League, Major League Baseball, college football, ice hockey, Archive Project, North America August 23, 2017 5:42pm
JoAnn Evansgardner and Gerald H.F. Gardner Papers, 1965-1991 feminism, gender discrimination, team sports, Title IX, Archive Project, North America August 23, 2017 5:31pm
Inga Löwdin archive Inga Löwdin, cross-country skiing, nordic skiing, International Ski Federation, international sport federations, skiing, Archive Project, Europe August 23, 2017 5:13pm
Museu do Futebol (Library) - Brazil Brazil, Soccer, Olympic movement, Science Fiction, Newspapers, comics, Audiovisual Media, oral history, biographies, magazines, Archive Project, Latin America August 23, 2017 5:10pm
Centro Argentino de Información Deportiva Argentina, physical education, Applied Health Sciences, Archive Project, Latin America August 23, 2017 5:09pm
The Everton Collection football (soccer), Photography, athletes, fandom, magazines, England, Liverpool, Archive Project, Europe August 6, 2017 3:58pm