The End of Sport Podcast: Harm in Sport with Silva, Mellis, and Kalman-Lamb

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Fellow sport scholars, I wanted to share the news about a new podcast run by two other sport scholars and myself called The End of Sport! Apologies to those of you who have already seen it on social media. 

In the podcast, Drs. Derek Silva, Nathan Kalman-Lamb, and Johanna Mellis (myself) focus on all of the ways that sport is harmful and exploitative. Our primary goal is to give athletes a voice by interviewing them about their experiences, knowledge, and efforts to improve sport, as well as scholarly experts and journalists about what they have found in their work. Some past guests include Michael Bennett (NFL), Elizabeth Williams (WNBA), and Dirk Hayhurst (MLB); Drs. Louis Moore, Jules Boycoff, Samantha Sheppard, and Victoria Jackson; and journalists and commentators Shireen Ahmed and Hemal Jhaveri.

More recently, Derek and Nathan interviewed me about my work on Cold War sport in the Eastern Bloc (socialist Hungary especially) and how to compare the socialist sport system with the capitalist one in the US at that time. Due to the podcast's focus on exploitation, I also shared details of incidents of sexual harassment I experienced as a club swimmer (Content Warning: it's from 1:20-1:30):

Today we released a disturbing but much-needed episode about pervasive physical and sexual abuse in USA Gymnastics and USA Swimming, with renowned investigative reporter Scott Reid at the OC Register. Although it was recorded before we watched them, the episode corrobates and adds to what At the Heart of Gold and Athlete A illustrate about the abusive realities of gymnastics. There is an obvious content warning for the entire episode:

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