CFP for Special Issue on the Environment and Olympics in the Journal of Olympic Studies

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Journal of Olympic Studies Special Issue: Call for Papers

Environmental Sustainability and the Olympic Games

This special issue of the Journal of Olympic Studies seeks critical examinations of policy, research, and practice that explore the important connections between physical culture, the environment, and climate change within the Olympic Movement. Recognizing the increasing threat of climate change, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has recently incorporated sustainability into their policies, as seen in Agenda 2020, The IOC Sustainability Strategy, and Agenda 2020+5. As Thomas Bach stated in the IOC Sustainability Strategy, “From the design and construction of sport facilities and the way we manage resources, to valuing the natural environmental and health and well-being of our people, all of our decisions will be informed by the sustainability principles highlighted here.” However, while statements and policies have been created, there has also been a growing awareness and critique of the intense environmental impact of the Games (e.g., construction of stadiums/infrastructure, fast fashion for merchandise, carbon emissions/waste).  This special issue seeks to explore such complexities and environmental issues surrounding the Games. We welcome theoretical, empirical, and conceptual submissions from a broad range of disciplines (history, sociology, anthropology, environmental studies, philosophy). While broad, we hope this special issue will capture the array of connections between climate change, physical culture, and the Olympics.

Submission Instructions:

Interested authors should submit a 250-word abstract and a short bio by e-mail to the guest editor of this special issue of Journal of Olympic Studies (contact below)

We aim for a special issue of 6-8 original articles, preceded by an introduction by the guest editor.

Selected authors are expected to submit an original article of 6,000-10,000 words.

Abstracts will be accepted until August 31, 2023. Decisions will be communicated shortly after.

Manuscript submissions are due by March 30, 2024. Manuscript formatting details can be found at

Guest editor:

Julie Brice (

California State University, Fullerton