Joint MA w/ African & African American Studies and Museum Studies at the University of Kansas

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African and African-American Studies and Museum Studies offer joint master’s degrees with coordinated curricula so students are able to complete two M.A. degrees in three years. <> Fifteen graduate credit hours are applied to both programs, allowing students to complete a 33-credit-hour AAAS degree and a 36-credit-hour Museum Studies degree with just 54 graduate credits.

This program of study is designed to enhance and diversify opportunities for graduate students who are motivated to enter the cultural heritage field as specialists in African and African-American Studies. This three-year joint program allows students to expand their contacts with faculty, enhance their professional networks, and deepen their knowledge of both fields of study.

Students completing the joint degree take all of the required courses in each of the respective programs, as well as fulfilling each program's requirements to gain a breadth of knowledge. Coordination in advising between the two programs enables students to take courses that satisfy the degree needs for both programs.

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