Searching for 1920s Chicago Defender business records

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Dear colleagues,

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for business records for the Chicago Defender pertaining to funds collected in 1926/27 in support of plans to build a monument in Brazil. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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The Abbott-Sengstacke Family Papers are held by the Chicago Public Library. The collection is pretty extensive and holds personal & professional business records and correspondence.

Angela Tate
PhD student | Northwestern University

The Abbott-Sengstacke Papers at the Chicago Public Library include financial records, correspondence and other items that may include the information you are looking for. The finding aid ( show a gap in the Defender's financial records from the late 1920s, however it is possible that the records are part of the estate dispute that started around the period you are interested in. If you know the name of the individual or organization the paper was working with to create the monument, there may be something relevant in the correspondence files.