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Dear all,

Fellow H-AfroAm readers might find a few features in the new issue of Common-place of particular interest.  Carla Pestana offers revelations about maroon communities in colonial Jamaica offers a cautionary tale on the influence of “categorical thinking” on historians. In a rare rediscovery, and Eric Gardner provides an analysis and full textual reproduction of the fiery and eloquent reconstruction lecture delivered in 1867 Philadelphia by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.  We talk with author Ben Fagan aobut his recent monograph The Black Newspaper and the Chosen Nation (2016). 

Poet Terrance Hayes gives us the powerful and haunting poem “Taffeta,” which begins with the narrator talking to a t-shirt image of Frederick Douglass.

You’ll also find reviews of new books on the African American festival Pinkster, the symbiotic relationship between American evangelicalism and New York City, and the roles played by regulated and deregulated meat markets in feeding the antebellum inhabitants of Gotham.All this and more, in our new issue.Common-place is co-edited by Anna Mae Duane and Walter W. Woodward at the University of Connecticut, and published by a partnership of the American Antiquarian Society and the University of Connecticut. It’s all ready for your computer, tablet, or mobile device right now at



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