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I believe the members of H-Afro-Am may be interested in the following film, Katrine Philp's newest documentary False Confessions (2019). It deals heavily with questions of human rights, specifically the psychological impact of government surveillance, police interrogation, and other dehumanizing methods of control on their victims. You can find more information, as well as a link to the trailer, below:


Law enforcement agencies across the U.S. commonly use a complex psychological tactic during interrogations to get suspects to confess to crimes, often without regard for whether or not the suspect is actually guilty. FALSE CONFESSIONS follows defense attorney Jane Fisher-Byrialsen as she fights to put an end to this institutionalized injustice.

Through the stories of four of her cases, including that of Korey Wise who at age sixteen was manipulated into a false confession in the infamous Central Park Jogger case, the film examines the psychological aspect of how people end up confessing to crimes they have not committed as well as the consequences of these confessions – for those accused, for their families, and for society. 

On the heels of the difficult and critically important national conversation sparked by Ava Duvernay's miniseries about The Central Park Five, FALSE CONFESSIONS is an urgent in-depth look at the dark side of the American Justice system that goes even further into investigating the social, racial, and legal issues at stake.

Watch the trailer here.

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