Fourth Annual African American Intellectual History Society Conference

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Theme: Black Internationalism–Then and Now

African American Intellectual History Society’s Fourth Annual Conference

March 22-23, 2019

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

International exchange has been and remains central to Black intellectual production. Thinkers, artists, activists and cultural workers throughout the African diaspora have made crucial contributions to global intellectual, social and political movements through travel, correspondence, financial exchange and exile. As the increasing amount of scholarship on Black internationalism suggests, there remains much to uncover about the nature and impact of this global mobility. For example, how have Black actors engaged with the conditions that facilitate and curtail movement and exchange? How might the broad range of sites for internationalist work shed new light on Black thought and political engagement? How have the methods and stakes of Black internationalism changed over time?

In taking up these and other related questions, we highly encourage interdisciplinary panels that consider Black internationalism from a variety of fields and perspectives including the arts, digital humanities, community activism, environmental justice, food security, gender and sexuality. Panels that consider the far-reaching geography of Black internationalism, including Asia and the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific worlds, are especially welcome.

The AAIHS invites scholars across career stages and affiliations (from graduate students to senior faculty and independent scholars) to submit proposals for scholarly papers (20-minute presentations), organized panels of three or four papers, poster sessions, lecture-demonstrations, film screenings, or workshops. We will accept individual paper submissions, but will give preference to full panel proposals. Proposals should be submitted via email ( as a Microsoft Word attachment no later than September 15, 2018.

Individual proposals should include: an abridged C.V. (1-2 pages) and abstract of no more than 250 words that includes the author’s full name, institutional affiliation, phone number, email address, proposed format (paper, poster, etc.), and A/V equipment needs.

Complete panel proposals should include: (1) a panel abstract and title (2) a 250-word abstract for each paper (3) names, contact information, institutional affiliation, and an abridged C.V. for each presenter (4) names and contact information for the panel chair and commentator (5) format of the presentation (paper, panel, poster, workshop, etc.) and A/V equipment requirements.

The AAIHS is pleased to offer multiple competitive travel grants to defray the costs of conference attendance. Graduate students and contingent faculty in good-standing as members of the AAIHS are encouraged to apply. Graduate students whose papers are accepted are also invited to submit their paper for consideration for the AAIHS’s annual Du Bois-Wells Paper Prize competition. The winner and first runner-up will receive cash prizes. Further details regarding the travel grants and paper prize are available at

2019 Conference Planning Committee:

  • Annette Joseph-Gabriel (University of Michigan), chair
  • Aleia Brown (Humanities Action Lab, Rutgers University-Newark)
  • Félix Germain (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Quito Swan (Howard University)
  • Kira Thurman (University of Michigan)
  • Sasha Turner (Quinnipiac University)