African American Book Publishers List

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[Below is an African American Book Publishers List compiled by Randall K. Burkett at Emory University.  He is looking for additions.  If you have additions/corrections join the conversation. Ed.]

African American Book Publishers List

This list is organized alphabetically by first name of publisher as it appears on the title page of African American-authored books and pamphlets. The date in brackets indicates the date of publication of the first item known to have been produced by that publisher or the first item located by that publisher in the Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library at Emory University. 

An effort has been made to enter all variants of publishers’ titles as they appear on the title page.  The list excludes sheet music and serial publications.  Note: (Joyce) in citations refers to information derived from Donald F. Joyce, Gatekeepers of Black Culture (1983) and Black Book Publishers in the United States (1991). 

A.E. and J.E. Perkins (New Orleans, LA) [1944]

Abyssian Baptist Church (New York, NY) [1949]

Africa World Press (Trenton, NJ) [1987]

A. G. Brown (Boston, MA) [1873] Annie G. Brown, spouse of William Wells Brown, publisher

A. G. Brown & Co. Booksellers (Boston, MA) [1874]

A.M.E. Book Concern (Philadelphia, PA) [1878] 631 Pine Street, Philadelphia.  In 1928, address is 716 South 19th Street, Philadelphia.  (Established 1817, moved to Brooklyn, NY in 1835.  Located Pittsburgh 1848-1852; returned to Philadelphia 1852, suspended in 1952. Joyce)

A.M.E. Book Rooms (Philadelphia, PA) [1881]

The A.M.E. Sunday School Union Press (Nashville, TN) [1945]

A.M.E. Sunday School Union Print (Nashville, TN) [1913] Begun in 1882, Charles S. Smith as first director.  Moved from Smith’s home in Bloomington, IL, to Nashville by Smith in 1886;  in 1889 the AME Church established its own printing facility and ceased formal connection to the Southern Methodist Publishing House.  Current address:  AME Sunday School Union and Publish House, 500 8th Ave. South, Nashville, TN 37203. (Joyce)

A.M.E. Zion Book Concern (New York, NY) [1895] 353 Bleeker Street, New York, NY.  Established in 1841, moved to Charlotte, NC, in 1894, at 206 South College Street.  (Joyce)

A.M.E. Zion Publication House (Charlotte, NC) [1901]  New facility built 1911, at which point name was changed from A.M.E. Zion Book Concern to A.M.E. Zion Publication House.  Address:  AME Zion Publishing House, Second and Brevard Streets, Charlotte, NC 28231.

The Academy (Washington, DC) [1897] Publications of the American Negro Academy.

African American Image (Chicago, IL) [1983] Established by Jawanza Kunjufu.  (Joyce)

The African Methodist Episcopal Church. Home and Foreign Missionary Department (New York, NY) [1925]

Afro Am, Inc. (Formerly Afro Am Publishing Company, Inc.) (Chicago, IL)  [1972]

Afro-Am Pub. Co. (Chicago, IL) 1966

The Afro-American Company (Baltimore, MD)  [1900-1946]  (Joyce:  4 books published, owners:  Baltimore Afro-American)

Afro-American Heritage Association (Chicago, IL) [1960?]

AfroAmerican Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY) [1960]

Agascha Productions (Detroit, MI) [1970]  Founded by Agadem and Schavi Diara. 

Aldine Press (Xenia, OH) [1873]

Alkebu-Lan Books Association (New York, NY) [1970]  (Directed by Yosef Ben-Jocahannan.  Address:  Alekebu-Lan Foundation, Inc., 209 West 125th St., Suite 218-218A, New York, NY 10027.)  (Joyce)

Alfred W. Nicholson (Trenton, SC) [1913]

American Negro Academy (Washington, DC) [1897]  Published 22 occasional papers and one book.

Associated Publishers (Washington, DC)  [1921]  Carter G. Woodson, founder

Associates in Negro Folk Education (Washington, DC)  [1936-1942]  Alain Locke, founding editor.  Published nine “bronze booklets” and one book. (Joyce)

The Association (Washington, DC) [Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (Washington, DC) [1916] Published 28 monographs and the Journal of Negro History until subsumed into Associated Publishers.  (Joyce)

Atlanta University Center (Atlanta, GA) [1972]

Atlanta University Press (Atlanta, GA)  [1896-1936] (Joyce)

Augustus Avery Thomas (Tuskegee Institute, Alabama) [1923]

Balamp Publishing Company (Detroit, MI) [1971]  Founded by James M. Jay, microbiologist at Wayne State University, focus on biography. 

Bartlett & Company (Glenmora, LA), [1946] “Publishers of The Black Apostle: Bible History of the Negro Race.”

Beaver Books (Washington, DC) [1966] Founded by Joseph T. Beaver, Jr., P.O. Box 56, Washington, DC 20044.

“Beacon Star” Society (New York) [1925]

William K. Bell Publications (New York) [1948] P.O. Box 308, College Station, New York 30, N.Y.

Bells Publishing Company (Chicago, IL) [1926]

Beresford (Washington, DC) [1902]

Beresford, Printer (Washington, DC) [1910]

Bernier, A. V. (New York, NY) [1913?]

Bettis Junior College (Trenton, SC)  [1945]

Bethune-Cookman College (Daytona Beach, FL)  [1953]

Black Academy Press (Buffalo, NY)  [1970-1975]  Founded by Sebastian Okechukwu Mezu.  Published books as well as the Black Academy Review. (Joyce)  Ceased as of 1975 (Black World, March 1975, p.74).

Black Classics Press (Baltimore, MD) [1978]  Founded by W. Paul Coates. 

Black Crusade (Denver, CO) [1971]

Black History Museum Committee UMUM Publishers (Philadelphia, PA) [1970]   

Black Orpheus Press (Washington, DC) [1972]

Black Publishers of San Diego (San Diego, CA) [1973] Founded by Willie Lee Morrow.

Black River Writers (East St. Louis, IL) [1971] Publishing outlet established by Eugene Redmond.

Black Scholar Press (Oakland, CA) [1996]

Blyden Society (New York, NY)   [1935-1939] Founded by Willis Huggins, published one book.  Address:  Blyden Society, 1890 7th Avenue, New York, NY.  (Joyce)

B. J. Brimmer Company (Boston, MA) [1922]  Founded by William Stanley Braithwaite.

Bola Press (New York, NY) [1978]

Book Concern of the AME Church (Philadelphia, PA) [1922]

Bowles Music House (Chicago, IL) [1938]

Broadside Press (Detroit, MI) [1965] 12651 Old Mill Place, Detroit, Michigan 48238.  Founded by Dudley Randall.  In 1977, Randall sold the press to the Alexander Crummell Center, Detroit, with Aneb Kgositsile (Gloria House) as editor.  Randall regained control in 1982 and then sold it in 1985 to Hilda and Donald Vest.  Published books, pamphlets, and broadsides.  (Joyce)

Buckingham Learning Corp (New York, NY) [closed as of 1975 (Black World, March 1975, p.74)]

Bureau of Negro Affairs (Philadelphia, PA) [1936]

The Bystander Press (Des Moines, IA) [1917]

C. M. Dorsey & Sons Printers (Baltimore, MD) [1936]

C. T. Hopper (United States) [1932] Founded by Carrie Thomas Hopper

California Eagle Press (Los Angeles, CA) [1936]

Central Printing Company (Little Rock, AK) [1924]

Charles A. Tindley (Philadelphia, PA) [1932]

Charles Campbell Publishing Co. (Philadelphia, PA) [1972] 511 N. 42nd Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19104

Christopher Rush (New York, NY) [1843]

The Church (New York, NY) [1923] African Orthodox Church, publisher.

Church Advocate Press (Baltimore, MD) [1914] George F. Bragg, Jr., founder. 

Church Advocate Print (Baltimore, MD) [1904] George F. Bragg, Jr., founder. 

Church of God and Saints of Christ Publishing House (Belleville, VA) [1902]

Church of God in Christ Publishing House (Memphis, TN) [1907]  First book published in 1923.  Address:  Church of God in Christ Publishing House, 291 Hernando St., Memphis, TN 38126.  (Joyce)

C.L.R. James (New York, NY) [1953]

C. M. Dorsey & Sons Printers (Baltimore, MD)

The Coleman Co. (Philadelphia, PA) [1968]

Coleman’s Publisher (Philadelphia, PA) [1961] Joseph E. Coleman, founder. 

Colored Co-operative Publishing Company (Boston, MA; New York, NY) [1900-1909]  Published the periodical, Colored American Magazine in 1900-1903 (Boston); magazine moved to New York 1904-09.  Published one book.

Colored Methodist Episcopal Publishing House 1870-73, located in Memphis, TN; 1873-1892 located in Louisville, KY; 1882 moved to Jackson, TN; 1972 press was moved to Memphis.  [Now the Christian Methodist Episcopal Publishing House]

The Colored Poetic League of the World (Boston, MA) [1926]

The Columbia Civic Library Association (Washington, DC) [1937] Howard University

Committee of Colored Gentlemen (Boston, MA) [1849] Published one book.

Crisis Pub. Company (New York, NY) [1913]

Cultural Institute Press (Atlanta, GA) [1967]

D. A. McCown Pub. (Atlanta, GA) 1983)

D. Davenport (Los Angeles, CA) [1982] Founded by Doris Davenport.

D. Ruggles (New York, NY) [1834] See also, David Ruggles.

D. Walker (Boston, MA) [1830] See also, David Walker.

Dabney Pub. Co. (Cincinnati, OH) [1907-1952] Wendell P. Dabney, founder

Daniel B. Williams, Publisher (Petersburg, VA)  [1890]

David Ruggles (New York, NY) [1835] See also, D. Ruggles.

[David Walker] Printed for the Author (Boston, MA) [1829] See also, D. Walker.

Dawson Publishers (Chicago, IL) [1933]

Department of Records & Research (Tuskegee, AL) [1947]

Division of Cultural Research, Dept. of Art, Fisk U. (Nashville, TN) [1973]

Drum and Spear Press (Washington, DC) [1969]  Ceased 1975? (Black World, March 1975, p.74)  Carolyn Carter, director; Judy Richardson, executive director.  Address in 1970:  2001 Eleventh Street NW, Suite 206, Washington, DC 20001. (Joyce)

Du Bois and Dill, Publishers (New York, NY) [1910] W.E.B. Du Bois and Augustus Granville Dill, founders.  Published one book.

DuSable Museum of African American History (Chicago, IL) [1963]  (Joyce)

E. T. Tindley (Philadelphia, PA) [1941] Elbert T. Tindley, publisher.

Early Bird Productions (Decatur, GA) [1972]

Effendi Press (Taunton, MA) [1978]

Eclipse III Press (New York, NY) [1993]

Emerson Hall Publishers, Inc. (New York, NY) [1971] (Joyce)

Ethiopian Publishing Company (Philadelphia, PA) [1924]

F. John (New York, NY) [1978]

Ferdinand’s Pub. Co. (Brooklyn, NY) [1978]

First African P. P. & D. Co. (Chicago, IL) [1926] Published one book.

Fisk University Press (Nashville, TN) [1932-1949] (Joyce)

Florida Memorial College Press (Miami, FL) [1987]

Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) [1944]

Foundation Publishers (Washington, DC) [1940]

Francis Mitchell (Philadelphia, PA) [1945]

The Fraternity [Omega Psi Phi] (Washington, DC) [1940]

Free Lance Press (Cleveland, OH) [1952]   Began publication of journal, Free Lance in 1952.

Gammon Theological Seminary (Atlanta, GA) [1896]

Gazette Press (Yonkers, NY) [1910]

George B. Thornton (Wilberforce, OH) [1948] 

Gold Mind Publishing Company (Boston, MA) [1929]

Golden Stair Press (New York, NY) [1931] Founded by Langston Hughes and Prentiss Taylor.

Graduate School, Howard University (Washington, DC) [1941]

Grand Fountain, United Order of True Reformers (Richmond, VA) [1909]

Guide Quality Press (Norfolk, VA) [1945]

Guide Quality Printery (Norfolk, VA) [1940] 1618 Church St., Norfolk, VA.

H. C. Weeden (Louisville, KY) [1897]

H. R. Cayton & Son (Seattle, WA) [1931] Horace R. Cayton, founder.

Hamitic League of the World (Omaha, NB) [1918]

Hampton Institute Press (Hampton, VA) [1871] 

Handy Brothers Music Co., Inc. (New York, NY) [1944] 1650 Broadway, New York 19, NY.

Harlem River Press (New York, NY) [1992]

Haskins Print—Roger Williams College (Memphis, TN) [1936]

Hatch-Billops Collection (New York, NY) [1982] Established by James V. Hatch and Camille Billops

Helen H. King (Chicago, IL) [1972]

Hemphill Press (Nashville, TN) [1946]

Historical Commission of the N.B.C., U.S.A., Inc. (Detroit, MI) [1949]

Historical Commission of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc. (Fort Worth, TX) [1941]

Horizon House (New York, NY) [1945]

Howard University, Stylus Alumni Society (Washington, DC) [1988]

Howard University Press (Washington, DC) [1929]

Howard University Print (Washington, DC) [1892]

Humanessence Pub. Co. (San Francisco, CA) [1973]

Hunt Printing Company (New York, NY) [1931]

The Hunt Publishing Company (New York, NY) [1922] 34 West 136th St., New York.

I. Reed Books (New York, NY) [1978]

The Independent Press (New York, NY) [1900]

Institute of the Black World (Atlanta, GA) [1970]

Ishmael Reed Pub. Co. (Berkeley, CA) [1994]

J. A. Rogers (New York, NY) [1931] 37 Morningside Ave., New York

J. A. Rogers Publications (New York, NY) [1935]

J. Dillahunt (Atlanta, GA) [1973]

James A. Murray (Baltimore, MD) [1925]

James N. Simms (Chicago, IL) [1923]

James W. H. Howard & Son (Harrisburg, PA) [1910]

Jihad Productions (Newark, NJ) [1983]

Johnson Publishing Company (Chicago, IL) [1961] Date of organization (Joyce)

Josephus Robinson (Chicago, IL) [1947] Founded by Josephus Robinson, 5720 Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL.

Journal Printing Co. (Madison, AK) [1917]

Julian Richardson Associates (San Francisco, CA) [1967]

Jubilee Press (Oak Park, IL) [1992] Founded by Amos P. Kennedy, Jr.

K. C. Randolph (Toledo, OH) [1884] Kate Corson Randolph, spouse of Paschal Beverly Randolph.

K. Corson Randolph (Toledo, OH) [1876]

Kate Corson (Toledo, OH) [1870]

Kennedy & Sons, Fine Printers (Bloomington, IN) [2001] Founded by Amos P. Kennedy, Jr.

Kentucky State College (Frankfort, KY) [1939]

Kitchen Table:  Women of Color Press (New York, NY)  [1981]

L. A. Scruggs (Raleigh, NC) [1892] Established by Lawson A. Scruggs.

L. V. Alexis, Sr. (New Orleans, LA) [1929]

Les Cenelles Society of Arts & Letters (New Orleans) [1948]

Lisle-Carey Press (Philadelphia, PA) [1919?]

Lotus Press (Detroit MI) [1972] 

Lucien V. Alexis (New Orleans, LA) [1929]

M. Hanks Gallery (Santa Monica, CA) [2005]

M. J. Randolph (Utica, NY) [1863] Mary Jane Randolph, publisher, spouse of Paschal Beverly Randolph.

M. V. Lynk Publishing House (Jackson, TN) [1893]

The Majority Press (Dover, MA) [1983] Tony Martin, founder.

ManRoot Books (San Francisco, CA) [1974]

Martin & Morris Music Studio (Chicago, IL) [1953]

Masonic Printing Department (Fort Worth, TX) [1933]

Medical Faculty of Howard University (Washington, DC) [1900] Printed by R. Beresford.

Michigan Committee for a Freedom Now Party (Detroit, MI) [1963] P.O. Box 5351, Mil. Jct. Sta., Detroit 11, Michigan

Michigan Freedman’s Progress Commission (Detroit, MI) [1915]

The Minorities Publishers (Washington, DC) [1945]

Minority Study Associates (Detroit, MI) [1943]

Morgan College Print (Baltimore, MD) [1897]

Morning News Print (Savannah, GA) [1888] 

Morris Brown College Press (Atlanta, GA) [1944]

Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church, Inc. (Philadelphia, PA) [1954?]

Muhammad Mosque of Islam No. 2 (Chicago, IL) [1965]

Murray Bros. Printing Co. (Washington, DC) [1915]

Murray Brothers (Washington, DC) [1949]

Murray Brothers Press (Washington, DC) [1910]

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (New York, NY)  [1910] 

National Association of Colored Women (Washington, DC) [1933]

National Baptist Publishing Board (Nashville, TN) [1895]

National Bar Association (n.p.) [1945]

National Negro Congress (Washington, DC) [1936]

National Public Welfare League (Memphis, TN) [1916] Sutton E. Griggs, founder

National Publication Company (Nashville, TN) [1943] Merl R. Eppse, founder

National Publishing Company (Montgomery, AL) [1919]

National Urban League (New York, NY) [1922]

Natural Resources Unlimited (Markham, IL) [1973]

Negro Publication Society of America, Inc. (New York, NY) [1941] 1133 Broadway, New York, NY

Negro Year Book Publishing Co. (Tuskegee, AL) [1913]

Negro Year Book Publishing Company (Tuskegee, AL) [1913]

Norfolk Journal and Guide (Norfolk, VA) [1927?]

Normal School Press (Hampton, VA) [1893]

Normal School Steam Power Pub. (Hampton, VA) [1882]

Nuclassics and Science Pub. Co. (Washington, DC) [1975]

Odie Hawkins (Los Angeles, CA) [1969]

Office of the Mirror of Liberty (New York, NY) [1839]

Okalona Industrial School (Okalona, MS) [1938]

The Orion Publishing Co. (Nashville, TN) [1901] Sutton E. Griggs, founder.

P. B. Randolph (Toledo, OH) [1873]

P. V. Robinson (n.p.) [1938] Founded by Pearl Virginia Robinson

Pageant Press, Inc.  (New York, NY)  [1954] 101 Fifth Ave., New York 3, NY.

Pan Afrikan Publications (Columbus, OH) [1990]

Path Press (Chicago, IL) [1969, 1983] Ceased as of 1975, reopened in 1983

Pen and Pencil Club (Washington, DC) [1907]

Philadelphia Negro Business League (Philadelphia, PA) [1914]

Philemon Company (New York) [1937]

Pictorial History, Inc., Publishers (Memphis, TN) [1933] (Thomas O. Fuller, founder?)

Pilkington & Randolph (San Francisco, CA) [1861] Published The Grand Secret by Paschal Beverly Randolph.

Poet-tential Unlimited (New York, NY) [1978?]

Press of Fisk University (Nashville, TN) [1915]

Press of West Virginia State College (Institute, WV) [1944]

Print Dept. of Shorter University (Little Rock, AK) [1897]

The Progressive National Baptist Publishing House (Elgin, IL) [1976]

Publication Department, A.M.E. Church (Philadelphia, PA) [1885]

Published for James M. Symms & Co. (Savannah, GA) [1863]

Publishing Department, A.M.E. Church (Philadelphia, PA) [1885]

Publishing House of the A.M.E. Church (Philadelphia, PA) [1894]

Publishing House C.M.E. Church (Jackson, TN) [1918]

Publishing House of the A.M.E. Sunday School Union (Nashville, TN) [1888]

Publishing House of the A.M.E. Church Sunday School Union (Nashville, TN) [1894]

R. Beresford (Washington, DC) [1900]

R. Irving Boone (Wilmington, NC) [1946]

R. L. Pendleton (Washington, DC) [1896] Robert Lewis Pendleton, founder, 609 F St., N.W., Washington, DC

R. R. and C. C. Wright (Philadelphia, PA) [1909] Richard R. Wright and Charlotte Crogman Wright, founders

Randolph & Co. (Boston, MA) [1870]

Randolph Publishing House (Boston, MA) [1872]

Randolph Publishing Co. (Boston, MA) [1870]

Rannick Playwrights Co. (New York, NY) [1971] 161 Madison Ave., #2A, 2nd floor, New York, NY

Rare Book Concern (Philadelphia, PA) [1965]

Reed, Cannon & Johnson Communication Co. (Berkeley, CA) [1975]

Richard Allen and Jacob Tapisco for the African Methodist Connection in the United States (Philadelphia, PA) [1817]

Robert L. Pendleton (Washington, DC) [1916]

The Roberta Martin Studio of Music (Chicago, IL) [1952]

Josephus Robinson (Chicago, IL). [1947] Founded by Josephus Robinson, 5720 Indiana Ave., Chicago, IL

Russwurm Press (New York, NY) [1928]

S. C. Wright (Sanford, FL) [1983]

S. W. Fabio (Oberlin, OH) [1973] Sarah West Fabio, founder

Samuel Huston College (Austin, TX) [1940]

Sans Souci Press (Cambridge, MA) [1967]

SBW Associates (Brooklyn, NY) [1994]  [Spirited Black Women Associates]

Scorpion Publishing Co. (Chicago, IL) [1972]

Social, Civil and Statistical Association of Colored People of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) [1865]

Songhai Press (New York, NY) [1972] Publishing outlet for Askia Muhammad Touré

Sotex Publishing Company (Houston, TX) [1915?]

Soul Echoes Publishing Company (Philadelphia, PA) [1909]

Southern Negro Youth Congress (Birmingham, AL) [1936]

Southern Negro Youth Congress (Richmond, VA) [1938] 327 North First Street, Richmond, Virginia

Spelman College (Atlanta, GA) [1981]

Spiritual Life Publishers (Atlanta, GA) [1965]

Star and Wave Press (Cape May, NJ) [1917]

Sunday School Publishing Board (Nashville, TN) [1915] Established as the Sunday School Publishing Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

Sunday School Union Print (Nashville, TN) [19116?]

T.M.R.M. Co. (United States) [190_?] 

Third Press (New York, NY)  [1970]  “The most prolific black-owned commercial book publisher in the United States.”  (Joyce)

Third World Press (Chicago, IL)  [1967]

Thomas Hamilton (New York, NY)  [1859]  Began Anglo-African Magazine  in 1859.  Originally at 11 Bleeker Street.  Later, 48 Beekman Street, New York, NY, when first book published.  (Joyce)

Thomas Yenser (Brooklyn, NY) [1933]

Timalove Enterprises (Los Angeles, CA) [1980]

Townsend Press (Nashville, TN) [1967-1994?]  A division of the Sunday School Publishing Board, National Baptist Convention, USA., Inc.   (Joyce)

Truth Pub. Co. (Jackson, MS) [1902] Charles Price Jones, founder

Tuskegee Institute (Tuskegee, AL) [1912]

Tuskegee Institute Press (Tuskegee, AL) [1936]

Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute (Tuskegee, AL) [1915]

Umbra Pub. Co. (New York, NY) [1971]

The United Supreme Council Southern Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliation and the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Museum (Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA).  [1977]

Universal Negro Improvement Association (New York, NY) [1921]

The Universal Publishing House (New York, NY) [1926]

US (Los Angeles, CA) [1967] 

Washington Intercollegiate Club of Chicago Incorporated (Chicago, IL) [1927] H. Hammurabi Robb, founder

Washington Intercollegiate Club of Chicago and International Negro Student Alliance (Chicago, IL) [1929]

Wells and Company, Book Concern (Buxton, IA) [1905] Robert Gilbert Wells, founder

Wendell Malliet and Co. (New York, NY) [1940] A. Wendell Malliet, founder

West Virginia State College Press (Institute, WV) [1939-1949?]

Western Publishers Ltd (Los Angeles, CA) [1963]

Whirlwind Press (Camden, NJ) [2001] Lamont Steptoe, editor 

Who’s Who in Colored America Corp. (New York, NY) [1927]

Wigfall & Associates (Austin, TX) [1970]

Wilberforce University (Wilberforce, OH) [1935-36]

Wild Trees Press (Navarro, CA) [1984] Alice Walker, co-founder

William Grant Still Community Arts Center (Los Angeles, CA) [1981]

William K. Bell Publications (New York, NY) [1948] P.O. Box 308, College Station, New York 30, N.Y.

William P. McWilliams (Columbus, OH) [1920]

William Stanley Braithwaite (Cambridge, MA) [1913]

William T. Hamilton (Syracuse, NY) [1856]

Williams Printing Service (New Orleans, LA) [1931] Robert G. Williams Printing Service

Winston-Derek Publishers, Inc. (Nashville, TN) [1976] James Peoples, founder 

Work Bros. & Hart Co. (Nashville, TN) [1907]

Xavier University Press (New Orleans, LA) [1946]

Xenia Gazette Office (Xenia, OH) [1888]


Compiled by Randall K. Burkett

20 February 2017