Critical Black Futures - Call For Chapters

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This edited volume seeks to critique current futuristic landscapes and speculatively imagine the future from various Black perspectives. Currently, dominant depictions of futuristic existence are fraught with extravagant designer technologies, ecological possibilities and scientific exploration. However, the vast majority of these depictions do not readily include or account for Black embodiment. We are looking for Black critiques of the future, as well as Black speculative approaches to the future. We welcome all Black perspectives (i.e. Black male, womanist, queer, afrofuturistic, Afro-Caribbean, etc.) on various subjects regarding the future; metahumanism, transhumanism, posthumanism, Astro-Blackness, technology broadly constructed, science, economics, law, religion, philosophy, psychology, health/health care, data science, education, etc. We are especially interested in papers that speculate beyond current notions of futuristic discourse. Possible topics to be addressed include, but are not restricted to:


  • What types of critique are necessary in order to develop worlds of Black political, social and economic power? 


  • What is a necessary event, or context, that precipitates Black innovation in the future? 


  • How would the world be different, if at all, if Blackness were the dominant force of economic and social construction? 


  • How might a Black approach to ecology differ or provide new and deeper insight into the search for a sustainable future? 


  • What role, if any, does Africa play in this reconstructive global politic? 


  • How might Black women lead the way into a more equitable and just future? What does masculinity have to offer to decolonization? 


  • What does it mean for Blackness to arm itself, similarly to North Korea in order to achieve a status of political “diplomacy”? 


  • What modes of thinking exist, or are in need of construction, that will allow for a more thorough and practical means to usurp and therefore subvert current forms of power in the world?


  • Can Blackness attain and assert power separate from colonial means from the past?


The volume will, in the first instance, will be submitted to Palgrave Macmillan. Palgrave has expressed initial interest in the project. 


Deadlines and submissions: 


500 Word Abstracts and short biography: March 15, 2018

Preliminary decisions on abstracts: April 6, 2018


Expected date for Final paper of accepted papers: August 15: 2018


Please send questions and abstracts to the volume editor, Philip Butler (