Podcasts in American Studies

These are podcasts in American Studies compiled in this discussion on H-Amstdy. If you have more to add, let us know at editorial-amstdy@mail.h-net.org

American Hippopotamus A single-story, three episode podcast about an American frontiersman who cheats death and hunger in the African bush.

American Studies and History Podcast Exploring various aspects of American culture and history in what the producer hopes is a fun and educational way.

BackStory A public radio program and podcast that brings historical perspective to the events happening around us today.

Ben Franklin's World A podcast about early American history.

Gravy Gravy, from the Southern Foodways Alliance, shares stories of the changing American South through the foods we eat.

History Buffs.  This podcast examines the history of Buffalo and beyond. It features interviews with historians and scholars, as well as researched episodes that dig into issues ranging from how the people of Missouri reacted to the AIDS epidemic to the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes to the founding of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

JuntoCast A semi-monthy podcast about early American history.

New Books in American Studies Discussions with scholars of American society, culture, and history about their new books.

Past Present Three historians bring historical insights to the news of the day.

SoundingOut!  Contributors re-think the world through the sonic epistemologies of Toronto School McLuhanism and Schaferism. 

Who Makes Cents? A History of Capitalism Podcast  A monthly program devoted to bringing you quality, engaging stories that explain how capitalism has changed over time,  focussing primarily, though not exclusively, on U.S. history.