American Childhoods is a multi-authored series that looks at childhood in America from a range of perspectives as diverse as childhood itself. Contributions come from an array of disciplines and methodological approaches and aim to shed light on social constructions of childhoods and experiences of children in America. Look for new posts on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. If you're interested in becoming either a one-time or regular contributor, please write to Patrick Cox at

Regular Contributors to American Childhoods

Filipa Antunes, film, media, and popular culture

Ryan Bunch, children, music, and popular culture

Patrick Cox, toys, literature, media

Tessa Mazey-Richardson youth, pop culture and gender history

Debbie Olson, children in popular culture

Pat Pflieger, 19th century children's magazines

Leah Phillips, contemporary YA Literature

Karen Renner, evil children in pop culture