Social Media as Protest Literature

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I'm developing a first-year writing course on U.S. Protest Literature, and I'm looking for sources on social media. Ideally, the sources would not only discuss social media as a platform for protest movements (although this would be welcome), but also address literary questions of genre, language, form, etc. I could use essays that will help me frame this unit as well as more accessible pieces to assign to students. Thanks!

Erin Battat

Wellesley College

Erin, not sure if this is what you're going for, but just saw this article today from mic about the use of social media in bringing light to the Cosby situation. Also talks about using this as a new model for expression.


These are good discussion starters, from Washington Post and The Atlantic respectively, on the topic of 'hashtag activism.'

Hi Erin,

Zeynep Tufekci's work on networked activism online might be useful here, as would Adi Kuntsman's on digital militarisms. Alice Marwick's writing might provide a good framework in terms of the language of social media. There's also a lot of useful pieces from the International Journal of Communication--here's one on Facebook mobilization in Gaza ( IJOC also recently did a special section on selfies that might be a good entry point for first year students: