CFP: FAQ, A Salon Series in Feminist and Queer of Color Critique

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FAQ: A Salon Series in Feminist and Queer of Color Critique - Graduate Student Conference
Dates: May 2-3, 2014
Location: University of California, San Diego
Keynote Speaker: Professor Sharon Holland, Duke University

UCSD is pleased to announce an inaugural graduate student conference in feminist and queer of color critique, which will take place May 2-3, 2014. The conference seeks to open dialogue about the intersections of women of color feminism and queer of color critique. We invite graduate students from UCSD and elsewhere to participate in our two day conference, with a keynote and a closing musical performance. We are honored to have Professor Sharon Holland from Duke University as our keynote speaker.

UCSD holds a particular legacy for generating prominent scholarship in
queer of color critique and queer theory. Our interdepartmental working
group, FAQ: A Salon Series for Feminist and Queer of Color Critique, hopes to interrogate the effect of this legacy on campus in its many divergent and changing facets in the work of current faculty and graduate students. This conference provides a setting for continued discussion.

For this inaugural conference, we engage “FAQs,” frequently asked questions (or better yet queries), concerning the role of women of color feminism in queer of color critique. As Roderick Ferguson and Grace Hong have suggested in their recent introduction to the edited anthology Strange Affinities, queer of color critique traces its lineage to women of color feminism as opposed to queer theory (Hong and Ferguson, Strange Affinities 2). At this conference, we hope to tease out this lineage further, by remaining attentive to the myriad feminisms that fall under women of color feminism, and to the continued active presence of women of color feminism as an academic field of inquiry.

In an effort to interrogate the convergences of women of color feminism and queer of color critique, we invite interested participants to consider the following topics:

  • Native feminism and queer indigenous studies
  • Postcolonial feminism and subaltern studies
  • Transnational studies and diaspora
  • Black feminism and the black Atlantic
  • Chicana feminism
  • The place of archival and historical records
  • Literary and artistic form
  • Activism, community, and grass-roots organizing

Submissions: Please submit a 250 word abstract to: by February 1, 2014. Please email or see our website for further questions/updates:

FAQ is sponsored by: Cross Cultural Center; Department of Critical Gender Studies; Department of Ethnic Studies; Department of Literature; LGBT Resource Center; The Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; Women’s Center