ANN: Digital Humanities at #2013ASA

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Please join the Digital Humanities Caucus at this year's ASA for a Friday morning of digital humanities (our two sponsored session followed by our business meeting and impromptu lunch gathering), and our Saturday night Meetup / Tweetup in Adams Morgan:

Friday, November 22

* Digital Humanities and the Neoliberal University: Complicity and/or Resistance (a panel discussion)
8-9:45 am, Washington Hilton Columbia Hall 9 (T)

Participants: Susan Garfinkel, chair; Frances Abbott, Natalia Cecire, Lauren F. Klein, Alex Gil, Miriam Posner.

* Digital Shorts: New Platforms of Knowledge and Dissent (planned or impromptu lightning talks)
10-11:45 am: Washington Hilton Columbia Hall 9 (T)

Organizers: Lauren Tilton, Mary Battle, Amanda Frisken, Katie Rawson.Participants: You!
Contact for more information.

* Business Meeting of the Digital Humanities Caucus
12-1:00 pm: Washington Hilton, B – Boundary (T)

Join us to plan next year's sessions, and DH-related activities throughout the year. Learn about the launch of our new project: Learn about ASA's social media plans.

* Followed by an impromptu lunch gathering...

Saturday, November 23

ASA Tweetup / DH Meetup
8 pm - ? at Libertine (, 2435 18th St.

Please join us for an informal gathering over food, wine, beer--or absinthe-- in Adams Morgan.
Details at:
(RSVP appreciated for head count: or @rebeccaonion)