PA Statewide Questionnaire about Historic Materials Related to People with Disabilty

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I am submitting this on behalf of the PA History Coalition Honoring People with Disability.  

We are a group looking to increase society's understanding about the historic and herioc journey that Pennsylvanians with disability have been traveling. One step in doing so, is to gain a better understanding of the number, condition, location, and subject matter of historic materials related to people with disability within the state. 

Please, if your organization holds historic material related to people with disability in Pennsylvania, and you have yet to respond to our questionnaire, please do so by following the link provided below. If you happen to know of entitites that may hold such materials, please send along the link as well.  We in the Coalition consider the work of preserving history that honors people with disability important, and hope you do too. 

Thank you, again.  If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me at

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