Race and Yoga 3.1 (2018) now available

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I am writing to announce the publication of Race and Yoga 3.1 (2018).  Race and Yoga is the first scholarly journal to examine issues surrounding the history, racialization, sex(ualization), and inclusivity (or lack thereof) of the yoga community.

Our latest issue 3.1 (2018) features a special cluster called "Decolonizing Yoga? and Unsettling Social Justice". 3.1 (2018) contains an interview with Haley Laughter, a Diné teacher from Hozho Total Wellness who talks about the intersections between Indigenous philosophy and yoga practice; a personal narrative from Sheena Sood that explores white supremacy, Hindu fundamentalism, and casteism in yoga spaces; a personal narrative from Natalia Quiñones, María Adelaida López, and Mayme Lefurgey that outlines how yoga is to help people heal from military violence in Colombia; and an article by Michele Tracy Berger that analyzes Black women's critique of a blog post by a white woman yoga practitioner. 


Check out the issue and share with others.


Next CFP for 4.1 (2019) : "Institutionalized Yoga"

Jennifer Musial
Jennifer Musial, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Women's and Gender Studies
New Jersey City University
Jersey City, NJ

Outgoing Chair, Gender, Women's, and Feminist Studies PhD Interest Group (NWSA)
Managing Editor, Race and Yoga Journal