TOC: Early American Studies Summer 2017

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The following is the table of contents for Early American Studies, published by the University of Pennsylvania Press. The Summer issue has everything: New England witch trials, an invented Indian slave conspiracy, and pirates. Find the full issue on Project Muse.

"Writing Timicua: Recovering and Interrogating Indigenous Authorship" by Alejandra Dubcovsky and George Aaron Broadwell

"Colonial-Indigenous Language Encounters in North America and the Intellectual History of the Atlantic World" by Sean P. Harvey and Sarah Rivett

"'Your Wife Will Be Your Biggest Accuser': Reinforcing Codes of Manhood at New England Witch Trials" by Richard Godbeer

"Inventing an Indian Slave Conspiracy on Nantucket, 1738" by Justin Pope

"The Atlantic Odyssey of Richard Tookerman: Gentleman of South Carolina, Pirate of Jamaica, and Litigant before the King's Bench" by Steven C. Hahn

"Montgomery's Misfortune: The American Defeat at Quebec and the March toward Independence, 1775-1776" by Amy Noel Ellison

"Runaways, Rewards, and the Social History of Money" by Simon Middleton