American Art journal's thirtieth anniversary issue (Summer 2017)

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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the release of the Summer 2017 issue of American Art (vol. 31, no. 2), the scholarly journal co-published by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the University of Chicago Press. This issue celebrates the journal’s thirtieth anniversary with thirty invited authors commenting on three themes:

Archive—established and emerging scholars’ reflections on the impact an American Art article made on their scholarship, pedagogy, or museum practice. Contributions by Huey Copeland, David Peters Corbett, John Davis, Ellery E. Foutch, Anne Collins Goodyear, Jennifer A. Greenhill, Leo G. Mazow, Bibiana Obler, Jules Prown, Robert Slifkin, Cherise Smith, Robin Veder, and Sylvia Yount.

Landscape—the legacy, present state, and potential futures of innovative, transnational, and ecologically sensitive landscape scholarship. Contributions by Ross Barrett, Alan C. Braddock, Peter John Brownlee, Maggie Cao, Rachael Z. DeLue, Eleanor J. Harvey, Angela Miller, Charmaine A. Nelson, Jennifer Raab, and Alan Wallach.

Shifting Terrain—paired explorations of keywords—things, positions, transactions, and networks—that address how globalization is changing the questions we ask about American art. Contributions by Nadya Bair, Melody Barnett Deusner, Amelia Goerlitz, Jennifer Jane Marshall, Asma Naeem, Jennifer L. Roberts, Vanessa R. Schwartz, Alex J. Taylor, and ShiPu Wang.


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Marie Ladino